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Disaster Recovery Solution

Huawei Disaster Recovery solution ensures business continuity, restorability, and high availability.

Natural disasters, power supply faults, and manmade mistakes are increasingly threatening the information system data center.

  • According to statistics released by authorities, information system breakdowns in some industries, such as the finance, telecommunications, and energy, incur economic loss of over 8 million dollars per hour.
  • A famous online transaction platform has once suffered 50% of stock fall due to blocked user access caused by network interruption.
  • 93% of the enterprises that have suffered important-data loss will be likely to go bankrupt.

Huawei DC DR solution ensures business continuity, restorability, and high availability.


DR and backup for government and large enterprise services

  • Centralized DR and backup management
  • Data compression and encryption
  • Deletion of duplicate data and transmission acceleration

New DR centers for large enterprises

  • Unified planning and management of DR and backup policies
  • Support mutual backup of heterogeneous systems
  • Two active data centers in the same city and three data centers in two cities

Service expansion and software upgrade for large enterprises

  • Software platform rolling upgrade
  • Zero data loss
  • Recovery from manmade mistakes

Unified DR for enterprise branches

  • Cluster management at primary and secondary sites
  • Dual-active/multi-active operating data centers
  • 1:1, 1:N, N:1 and N:N DR models
  • Cloud and non-cloud modes

DR container data center

  • Fast go-live, shortening project duration
  • Container-type data center, reducing investments
  • Mobile data center, simplifying deployment

Mini backup data center

  • Backup software and storage medium integrated
  • One-off resource purchase
  • Unified monitoring of branch nodes

Visualized backup and DR processes

  • Visualized management of the primary and secondary nodes
  • Visualized backup process
  • Visualized DR takeover

Unified multi-DC management

  • Unified management of production and DR data centers of different tiers or in different areas
  • Unified management of physical and virtual resources
  • Unified management of infrastructure and facilities

Business continuity

  • System rolling upgrade without core dumps
  • Session continuity
  • Recovery from manmade mistakes

High-efficient resource usage at DR sites

  • Active-Active DR solution
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information sharing platform

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