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MicroDC Solution

The Huawei MicroDC solution is an integrated micro data center that incorporates power supply/distribution devices, cabinets, heat dissipation modules, network devices, servers, security devices, cloud operating systems (OSs), and integrated management software. This solution is the only product that centrally monitors and manages ambient environment of equipment rooms and IT infrastructure. Device pre-installation enables service provisioning within 1 day, and remote monitoring allows the group headquarters to perform unified management and allows equipment rooms in branches to operate properly even when left unattended. The Huawei MicroDC solution implements unified management, rapid deployment, and simplified maintenance.

Enterprises cannot operate effectively without an efficient ICT system. Large and medium-sized business groups face challenges with their branch ICT systems. These challenges include budget & purchase cycle times, slow system deployment and complex management systems. Cloud computing concepts can meet these challenges for enterprise groups by allowing Converged Services and Simplified Branches.

Huawei MicroDC is a one-stop solution designed to standardize branch ICT systems, creating a simple and fast, unattended “micro data center”.


MicroDC provides an open ICT platform for branches, flexibly supporting branch applications for a broad range of industries, including:

  • Branches of large and medium-sized enterprises
  • Police stations
  • Schools
  • Small hospitals of healthcare groups
  • Stores of retail groups
  • Business offices in the financial industry
  • Transfer points for the logistics industry
  • Oil and gas exploration sites
  • Business offices of utilities
  • *SME

Simple and fast---speeds business expansion

  • Simple planning: unified planning for branches.
  • Fast delivery: One-stop delivery of converged ICT allows deployment in 3 hours, and supports centralized application provisioning.
  • Good mobility and expandability: Easy relocation and expansion protects investment.

Unattended operation---safe and easy management

  • Unified management: remote management with simple O&M, no IT personnel in branches, reduces TCO by 30%.
  • High security: remote monitoring and detecting of unsafe events, automatic environmental alarms, enhances branch system security.

System Configurations:

MicroDC3000H (for branches smaller than 250 persons) MicroDC3000L (for branches smaller than 100 persons)
42U cabinet(includes 6KVA UPS for 30 min backup + sensors)
1-4 servers
1 router(with IP-PBX)
1-8 Switches
24U cabinet(includes 3KVA UPS for 30 min backup + sensors)
1-3 servers
1 router(with IP-PBX)
1-3 switches

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