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e-Government Data Center Solution

The Huawei E-Government Data Center solution, on the basis of open, effective, and elastic cloud computing, integrates data sharing, analysis, mining, and large-data processing technologies to improve citizen services, increase government efficiency, promote transparency, and provide a convenient service channel for citizens, as well as build an energy-saving, efficient, and people-oriented governmental structure.

The e-Government utilizes modern information technology to optimize the government's organizational structure, improve administrative efficiency and provide the public with efficient, convenient, transparent service.

With the increasement of demand and expectations, the citizen expects that they get more convenient and quick public service. On the other hand, the government also faces the pressure for the control of budget and costs. The government needs to find effective and innovative business models to improve service levels

In order to deal with above challenge, the e-government should solve the following problem:

  • The construction mode of standalone information system results in low resource utilization, difficult information sharing, complex operation management and high TCO.
  • How to integrate the system, process, and people with data closely, and improve data exchange and information sharing effectively.
  • e-Government system might face multiple security risks and dangers, including compliance, security vulnerabilities, hacking, virus, internal wrong operation etc.

Huawei cloud-based E-government solution adopts open, effective and agile architecture to build an energy-saving, efficient, and service-oriented platform. The solution integrates cloud computing, content management, data exchange, big data etc advanced technology. It aims to improve citizen services, increase government efficiency, promote transparency, and provide a convenient service window for citizens.


The open cloud-based platform support heterogeneous virtualization platforms and multiple vendors' equipment.

Rich experience of data center construction

Huawei built 330+ data centers worldwide, including 70 cloud-based data centers.


The security system of E-government includes physical security, network security, virtualization security, OS security, application security, data security, terminal security etc multi-level security mechanism, the solution could build comprehensive and integrated security system.

Administrative service

Provide office automation, content management, data exchange, content management to promote information sharing and business collaboration of inter-government agencies, improve administrative efficiency, and reduce administrative cost.

Public service

Provide the government portal, a one-stop administrative service platform, electronic bidding and purchasing platform etc solution, and offer citizens and enterprises convenient, standardized services to improve the public service level.

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