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DC Consolidation Solution

DC consolidation transfer a number of scattered and isolated date centers to trusted cloud data centers. DC consolidation include application&data consolidation, network consolidation, Server/storage/cloud-based consolidation, security consolidation, operation and O&M management consolidation, green DC consolidation, etc.

By virtue of professional ability and experience, Huawei provide DC consolidation solutions and services to customers, include DC transferring, capacity expansion, and integration.

Huawei DC consolidation solution

  • Network architecture consolidation, network convergence consolidation, and multiple data centers network consolidation.
  • Server's physical consolidation and logical consolidation.
  • Storage consolidation.
  • Security consolidation.
  • Data center management consolidation.
  • Data center environmentally-friendly energy conservation consolidation.
  • Data center assessment services: architecture, network, server, storage security, server room, and management.
  • Consolidation tools: assessment tools (information-collecting tool and capacity-planning tool), design tool, and migration tool.

Customer Value(SMART)

  • Simple: Straight-forward architecture that is easy to manage and expand.
  • Manageable: Unified management of multiple DCs, automatic service deployments, and selection of lightweight or enhanced management platforms to suit the situation.
  • Agile: Resources are automatically added during peak service times and released during non-peak service times. Solution offers modular scalability.
  • Reliable: Highly-reliable equipment, proven software, redundant architecture, disaster recovery backups, and robust early-warning systems offer comprehensive assurances in service continuity.
  • Trusted: Data are encrypted, and threats are safely isolated, equipped with security management regulations and controlled access. Modular end-to-end security solutions to suit customer needs.

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