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IDC Public Cloud Solution

Huawei Cloud IDC cloud solution integrates virtualization, distributed computing, and elastic computing technologies, and introduces the modular design concept. Featuring agile-operation, easy-management, ultra-wideband, and minimum impact on environment, IT Hosting services based on cloud computing become the new profit source for the IDC and provide a new business model for IDC carriers.

  • Long service deployment period: It takes 6-9 months for new services deployment.
  • Low management efficiency and high costs: The operating expense (OPEX) increase year by year, and maintenance expenses accounts for 12% of the OPEX.
  • Low resource usage: Each service system uses a separate IT system, which occupies too many server resources and keeps high capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Huawei IDC Public Cloud solution aims at providing high return on investment (ROI), low OPEX, and high service levels and helping enterprises gain new profit growth point.


IT hosting - providing large enterprises and governments with overall construction, migration, and management services

  • Provides one-stop IT construction and migration, unified IT management, and right- and domain-based security guarantees.
  • Complies with government-level information security requirements.

IDC public cloud - providing the public and enterprises with resource leasing services

  • For medium and small enterprises: cloud hosts, cloud storage devices, and cloud networks
  • For software enterprises: cloud hosts, cloud storage devices, VPC, and BaaS
  • For public services: office automation (OA), email, and BaaS

VPC - flexible service configuration

  • Support one-stop service design, which enables services deployment and modification within several minutes.
  • Provide customers with cloud service packages that flexibly combine cloud hosts, elastic IP, and virtual firewalls, improving ROI by 50%.

Efficient service management

  • Minute-level service provisioning quickly responds to market changes.
  • Unified service management view improves management efficiency by 3+ times.
  • Unified management of heterogeneous platforms, cloud and non-cloud resources, and operation and maintenance reduces OPEX by 30%.

Professional services

  • Experience from 260+ data center projects worldwide and 25-year IT operation.
  • The service team has more than 26,000 members to provide E2E professional consulting, planning, design, and delivery services.

Fast-expansion, integrated IDC solution

  • Support small-scale IDC pilots and shortens the infrastructure expansion period to one week.
  • Uses modular design which supports elastic expansion, reducing investment risks.

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