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eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System

The eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System (eLTE Rapid) integrates the functions provided by a base station, core network (CN) device, and dispatching system and features a compact structure, applicable to scenarios in which fast deployment is required within limited coverage.

Fast deployment

The eLTE Rapid adopts the box-type design and supports fast deployment by eight steps within 15 minutes.

The eight steps for deploying the eLTE Rapid are as follows:

1. Open the front and rear covers.

2. Remove the protection cover of the main box.

3. Open the protection cover of the RRU box.

4. Use optical cables to connect the RRU and BBU.

5. Connect the RRU power cable.

6.Connect the power supply of the main box.

7.Connect the RF cable.

8.Start the system.

Selection of an antenna box and installation of on-board accessories are not counted into the above procedure.

High mobility

You can move the eLTE Rapid on rollers or hump the eLTE Rapid.

All products are gathered in boxes, the CN device and the baseband device are integrated, and the NMS in the PC edition is used.

The casters mounted to the bottom of the boxes enable the eLTE Rapid to be dragged by a person as a whole. You can also hump a single box or drag it using the casters on the bottom. Each box weights properly and the barycenter setting prevents the stack of boxes from damaging devices inside. In addition, the tightly fixed handles facilitate the movement.

High integrity

The eLTE Rapid features high integrity in a compact structure, which combines the base station, CN device, dispatcher, RF device, antenna, power supply device, and on-board accessories in a modular manner for the fast deployment purpose in disaster relief events or emergencies.

High adaptability

The eLTE Rapid can operate without supply mains, for example, in a field environment. A main box and a power supply box can work properly without any shield for about two hours in light rain or breeze. The RF box and the antenna box can work properly in a rainy weather for a long time.

Multiple transmission means

The eLTE Rapid supports satellite, radio, wired network, and other transmission means to exchange information with the outside.

Various professional trunking functions

The eLTE Rapid provides all functions of a enterprise network fixed station, which supports professional trunking, massive narrowband data, and HD video transmission.

Product Overview

The eLTE Rapid adopts a box-type structure, which consists of at least one laptop and two boxes, that is, the main box and the RF box. The laptop runs the eOMC in the PC edition and the eDC. The main box contains the eSCN231 and eMDC devices and the RF box contains the eRRU.

The eLTE Rapid system can also be equipped with a power supply box, on-board accessories, and an antenna box. A power supply box can feed power to the eLTE Rapid system for at least two hours. The on-board accessories are mainly components for installing the eLTE Rapid on a vehicle. The antenna box contains an antenna support and an antenna for installing the antenna in non-vehicle scenarios. The antenna support is a retractile pole up to 2.5 m long. The antenna height is 3 m taking the antenna length into account.

The eLTE Rapid uses a modular design for easier installation and deployment, and applies to communication in static state, communication in motion, and non-vehicle scenarios.

The eLTE Rapid adopts the shockproof design to prevent equipment from damage in transportation. The box-type design of the eLTE Rapid allows flexible configurations and applications. Therefore, the eLTE Rapid is cost-effective.

Services and Functions

The eLTE Rapid provides such major functions as trunking voice services, data services, resource locating, short message services, and video services. The following table lists the features of the eLTE Rapid.

No. Feature
1 P2P voice call
2 P2P video call
3 Trunking group call
4 Emergency call
5 High-speed data service
6 Short data service
7 State message
8 Video surveillance
9 Portable terminal video sending
10 Video projection
11 Video distribution
12 Combined services collaboration
13 GIS
14 Call group scanning
15 Floor pre-emption
16 Late entry
17 Forced release
18 Break-in by a dispatching console
19 Time-limit call
20 Group and user status display
21 Alias display of group and user
22 Broadcast call
23 Dynamic regrouping
24 Call forward
25 Call data record
26 Temporary group call
27 Talking party identification
28 Barring of incoming/outgoing calls
29 Remotely enable/disable terminal
30 Audio/Video recording

Introduction to the eLTE Rapid

The eLTE Rapid contains mainly two mandatory boxes and two optional boxes. The following table lists the devices in the eLTE Rapid.

Item Device Remarks
Main box eSCN231, eMDC, switch, distribution unit Mandatory
RF box (1.8 GHz) eRRU3251 Mandatory for 1.8 GHz
RF box (400 MHz) eRRU3255 Mandatory for 400 MHz
Laptop eDC and eOMC clients Software (mandatory)
Hardware (optional)
Power supply box Battery and UPS inverter Optional
Antenna box Antenna and antenna support Optional
On-board accessories On-board installation components Optional

The following table provides the technical specifications of the eLTE Rapid.

  Item Specifications Remarks
Performance Operating band 1785–1805 MHz  
380–450 MHz  
Maximum number of users 100  
Maximum number of simultaneous voice calls 40 The total number of simultaneous voice and video calls is 40.
Number of simultaneous video calls 20
Environment Operating temperature –20°C to +55°C  
Humidity 5–95% (non-condensing)  
Atmospheric pressure 80–106 kPa  
Power Consumption 1.8 GHz 530 W Main box and RF box
400 MHz 580 W


The mean time between failures (MTBF) is 100000 hours.

The mean time to repair (MTTR) is 0.5 hours.

The whole system complies with GJB150.

The vibration test meets conditions 1 and 8 in GJB150.16.

The shock vibration test conforms to the basic shock test in GJB150.18.

The raining test complies with GJB150.8.