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iManager M2000 NMS

The iManager M2000 centrally manages Huawei mobile network elements (NEs), including LTE/EPC NEs. The M2000 provides basic functions such as configuration management, performance management, fault management, security management, log management, topology management, software management, and system management. It also provides various optional functions. Base on the 2CPU IBM x3650 M3 hardware platform, the miniature design is more suitable for industry customer.
The M2000 provides centralized operation and maintenance (OM) functions for the Huawei mobile element management solution. The M2000 adopts a modular design that allows the modules to communicate with one another through the CORBA bus. The M2000 provides mediations for connecting various types of NEs.

Open Structure Allows for Smooth Evolution

  • The M2000 is a future-proof solution for managing mobile networks. It provides a centralized network management platform for supporting users in their long-term network evolution and shielding the differences between various network technologies. The M2000 focuses on the continuous efforts of users toward better network OM and retains the O&M experience of previous network management systems.
  • The M2000 server software consists of the main version software and mediation software. The main version software implements system functions, and the mediation software is used for the adaptation of different NE interfaces. The M2000 can manage new NEs after the corresponding mediation software is installed. The M2000 adopts an open structure so that it can manage LTE radio network and core network devices. In addition, the M2000 can evolve accordingly when the network evolves.

Reduce OPEX

  • The iSStar enhancement maintenance platform enables O&M engineers to customize the service process by editing programs. With it, the M2000 can automatically handle O&M tasks in batches.
  • In addition, the M2000 provides a series of featured functions, including network health check, remote and batch upgrade of NEs, automatic base station planning, remote base station commissioning, device panels, and maintenance-mode alarm setting.
  • These functions greatly facilitate operation and maintenance and therefore reduce the total cost of operation (TCO).

Management Capability

Hardware Platform Management Capability (Number of Equivalent NEs)
2 CPU IBM x3650 M3 ≤ 50

Mechanical Specifications

Item Specification
Power Supply 48V ~ 60V DC
Dimensions 85.5mm(H)×443.6mm(W)×705mm(D)
Weight < 29.03kg

Server Configuration MTBF (Hour) Annual Mean Failure Time (Hour) Availability
2 CPU IBM x3650 M3 114,509 0.49932 0.999943

Operating Environment

Temperature and humidity requirements for operating the M2000

Temperature Relative Humidity
10°C (41 ºF) to 35°C (95 ºF) 20% to 80%
The values are measured 1.5 meters above the floor and 0.4 meters in front of the equipment, without protective panels in front of or behind the cabinet.
Safe operation refers to continuous operation for not more than 48 hours or operation of not more than 15 days accumulated in a year.