Huawei eLTE Broadband Access
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eLTE Broadband Access

  • Core Network

    Core network is the central part of a telecommunication network that provides various services to customers who are connected by the access network. Main functions are to provide user connection, user management, service bearer, and external interface. Show Products

    • eCNS600 Core Network

      The Enterprise Core Network System 600 (eCNS600) is developed by Huawei for the enterprise Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and it applies only to the Long Term Evolution (LTE)/System Architecture Evolution (SAE) architecture. It integrates the …

    • eCNS610 Core Network

      The Enterprise Core Network System 610 (eCNS610) is developed by Huawei as a mini-Packet Core Network (mini-PCN). The eCNS610 provides higher integration for small- or medium-sized enterprise wireless networks.

  • Base Station

    In radio communications, a base station is a wireless communications station installed at a fixed location and used to communicate as part of a wireless system such as cellular LTE site. Show Products

    • DBS3900 Distributed Base Station

      With a focus on customer-oriented innovation, Huawei launches a series of products in its SingleBTS product portfolio, including LTE DBS3900 Distributed Base Station. The LTE DBS3900 LTE TDD fully utilizes Huawei platform resources and a va…

  • Terminal

    Terminal is a communications equipment as a transceiver used by end users to achieve all kinds of network applications such as voice, data services, etc. Show Products

    • eA660 CPE

      The Huawei eA660 is a Long Term Evolution (LTE) customer premises equipment (CPE). As a wireless gateway, the eA660 can be deployed outdoors to provide services such as data collection and video surveillance.

  • NMS

    NMS(Network Management System) centrally manages mobile network elements (NEs), including core network, base station, and even devices. NMS provides basic functions such as configuration management, performance management, fault management, security management, log management, topology management, software management, and system management. It also provides various optional functions. Show Products

    • iManager M2000 NMS

      The iManager M2000 centrally manages Huawei mobile network elements (NEs), including LTE/EPC NEs. The M2000 provides basic functions such as configuration management, performance management, fault management, security management, log manage…