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Security Gateways Videos

  • Huawei Next Generation Firewall in the Eyes of Italy Klabs

    Italy Klabs is a partner of Huawei for 8 year from 2006. It is great cooperation and great relationship between Huawei and Klabs. Klabs is working basically with the carriers, distributors, and resellers, but also with final customers sometimes. In the video, Marco Grimandi who is the training & pro…
  • Cefinity CEO Ivan Zhang Talk about Managed Security Services and next-generation firewall

    Cefinity company is a large cloud management service provider in Southeast Asia. Ivan Zhang, the company's CEO, shares how to implement security service management in the cloud era and gives his opinion on the experience in using the next-generation firewall.
  • Huawei Agile Gateway in the Eyes of Cefinity

    Cefinity is a managed service provider(MSP), it targets enterprise networks. They currently use Huawei's AR series routers to help business use the the smallest unit to offer the most complete range of functions. "We hope to use Huawei's Agile Network & Agile Switch to view many network services as …
  • Microgenesis Talks about Huawei Switches

    Microgenesis has been in the IT industry for the past 26 years. They are a system integrator, as well as a value-added reseller. " And I’m happy to say that, to many of our customers, Huawei comes up on top on the evaluation stack. And this is because Huawei has very high-density switches, scalable…
  • Huawei Agile Switch Helps Yamamah Hospital in Saudi Arabia Achieve IT-based Medical Service Management

    Yamamah Hospital in Saundi Arabia is under the MOH (The Ministry of Health) which have so many projects for infrastructure.Their network before was very bad, but it is very good after Huawei's switches. "We have agile switches and we have a firewall. About agile switches, we have the product number …
  • Huawei Network Solutions Help Philippines Shellsoft Jump Ahead

    Shellsoft has been around for 26 years now. It is the premier IT infrastructure provider in the Philippines. They have about 500 active enterprise customers every year. "I think Huawei is a very innovative company. They’ve got a lot of products. They’ve got a lot of convergence products as well. The…
  • Saudi Arabia Upgrades Vocational Traning System

    TVTC(Technical & Vocational Training Corporation) is a government institute.They have over 100,000 students and we have about 150 government owned college institutes. "Especially with the switches that they have now, 48 Tbps, which as far as I know is not available at any other company. " CIO of TVT…
  • Huawei Agile Campus Solution Featuring Wired and Wireless Convergence Helps Saudi Airlines with ICT Transformation

    Saudi Airlines has existing network problems, a single point of failure because they have only two ICT vendors providing the network. "Agile Network is providing an all in one solution for wireless LAN and wide area network,automatic deployment and providing express deployment and delivery."
  • Venezuela PDVSA on Huawei S5700 Switches

    Petroleos de Venuzuela,PDVSA is the leading oil exploration and production company in Venuzuela. It is the biggest state-owned corporation and a major source of income for Venuzuela. "The switches S5700,which are resilient. They work well in hostile weather conditions, in high pressure or high humid…
  • ICON+ Shares Expericece of Using Huawei Transport Products

    ICON+ is one of subsidiaries of PLN (State-Owned Electricity Company),to provide ICT solutions in Indonesia. ICON+ shares experience of using Huawei transport products in the video.
    "In ICON+ we use these we use in our network broadly, currently we have DWDM equipment, we have SDH equipment,…
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