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WLAN Videos

  • Huawei’s WLAN High-Density Stadium Solution :Connect 80,000 fans

    Huawei’s WLAN High-Density Stadium Solution provides fast Wi-Fi access for fans and brings the stadium valuable business opportunities. The technology uses professional network planning and optimisation tools to improve accuracy and deployment efficiency. Its High Density Boost also enables better u…
  • Interview with Dortmund

    I’m very very sure that we made the right decision to find and take huawei as our new partner, but also we like to congratulate huawei that they made a good decision to take borussia Dortmund as a partner. So,it will be a win-win situation for both of us.
  • Huawei High-Density stadium solution

    This is the biggest football stadium in Germany. This is the stadium that holds a world record in average fan attendance for league matches. This is the world's most advanced wireless smart stadium. We are challenging the limits by deploying Wi-Fi network for a stadium that can accommodate 80,552 pe…
  • Huawei AC6605 Introduction

    The Huawei AC6605-26-PWR access controller integrates 1000M Ethernet switch functionality for both wired and wireless access control. The AC6605-26-PWR offers users broad flexibility in configuring Access Points (APs). Used together with Huawei Premium Series Huawei APs, Enhanced Series Huawei APs a…
  • Huawei AP6010SN&DN Introduction

    The AP6010SN-GN&AP6010DN-AGN are enhanced series single-band Access Points (AP). It uses an elegant design and is intended for use in medium- and large-scale deployment scenarios, such as educational institutions, enterprise offices, airports, stations, and retail markets.
  • Huawei AP6310SN Introduction

    The AP6310SN-GN is an enhanced series indoor single-band Access Point (AP),which supports indoor distributed coverage. The AP6310SN-GN can be used together with the 2G/3G/CATV Signal System, and they share the 2G/3G/CATV indoor distributed system. The AP6310SN-GN is applicable to the indoor wide co…
  • Huawei AP6510&6610DN Introduction

    The AP6510DN-AGN&6610DN-AGN are enhanced series dual-band Access Points (AP).With a high level of physical protection, it is applicable to pedestrian areas, factories, and other challenging environments, meeting the outdoor network deployment requirements.
  • Huawei AP7110DN Introduction

    The AP7110DN-AGN is a premium series dual-band Access Point (AP),providing highly reliable and secure wireless services and radio frequencies for high-density or large scenarios, such as exhibition centers, medical organizations, factories, and logistics networks.