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Routers Videos

  • Huawei IoT solution:Build a better connected world

    IoT is the next trillion-dollar IT industry. Huawei's comprehensive solution has been applied to many industries, including smart grid, smart buildings, smart surveillance, and smart transportation. In the future, Huawei will continue to be devoted to the research and development surrounding the IoT…
  • Huawei agile gateway AR511: Smart mobile interconnect solution

    AR511 Agile Gateways are gateways tailored for mobile Internet applications. They can be installed on vehicles (bus, train, police car, and ambulance), bus stops, advertising boards, restaurants, and exhibition displays. AR511 integrates routing,multimedia,LTE,WiFi,GPS and other functions, providing…
  • Huawei Agile Gateway AR511: Help BUS-ONLINE build China's largest mobile bus Wi-Fi network

    Bus Online selected Huawei's agile mobile gateway AR511 because it better meets their needs, specially its All-In-One design concept which help address many of their challenges.
  • Review of highlights of Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2014

    From May 25 to 26, 2014, Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2014 held in Beijing welcomed over 5,000 eminent guests from various industries. Together they have witnessed the kindling of civilization and envisioned a beautiful future of the age of agility.
  • Huawei Brings Internet of Things to Intelligent Building System

    Interview Abdul about IoT and Smart intelligent building project in Australia.
  • Smart Grid, Smart Life

    Huawei's Communications Solution for the Electric Power Industry can better automate the business processes of power companies, saving on costs and improving efficiency.
  • Application Demo for AR G3

    This demo visually shows you how to use the AR G3 routers. It demonstrates how the series serves various enterprise scenarios with its distributed architecture.
  • AR G3: Third-Generation Routers

    The AR G3 series routers are new-generation routers for enterprise customers, integrating functions such as routing, switching, 3G, voice, and security and helping enterprises achieve resource and cost efficiency.
  • AR150&200 Series Enterprise Routers

    Huawei AR150&200 Series Routers are next-generation routing gateway devices built for small and medium-sized enterprise branch networks. The series integrates routing, switching, voice, wirless, and security.
  • Cooperation Platform--OSP(open service platform) Introduction

    This video introduces the concept of the OSP (Open Service Platform), the function of the AR G3 OSP can provide. Based on OSP, AR G3 routers can provide an open platform to customers; anyone can become developers and users.
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