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Switches Videos

  • Dutch Yaguti SystemsTalks About the Competitiveness of Huawei IP Products

    Yaguti Systems is an enterprise for health care and education based in the Netherlands. Mohsen Sadigh who is the network engineer of Yaguti Systems give hige praises to Huawei IP products:"the IP products of Huawei are very competitive because first of all the most advanced features that we want, th…
  • Sales Director of Italy INIT on Plug & Play Switch Devices

    Init has been in the telemarket for several years from 1997. It developed business in the data center, wireless collaboration and video surveillance technology. Init and its customers face challenges everyday, they look for flexible,scalable solutions and Huawei has a complete product portfolio that…
  • Huawei S9700 Switch Guarantees PRASA CCTV Bandwidth and Throughput

    PRASA, which stands for Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa is responsible for commuting trains, commuting commuters on our trains and throughout South Africa. PRASA has selected the 10G S9700 series switches to address both the safety and security systems and network.Their engieer evaluates Huaw…
  • Huawei Agile Network Solution:Enable Networks to Be More Agile for Services

    Based on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) concepts and three architectural innovations, Huawei Agile Network Solution is a next-generation enterprise solution that enables a swift and flexible network for services. The solution provides rapid service innovation (four times faster than the industry …
  • HUAWEI CE12800 Success Story- 21Vianet Group, Inc

    After much research, we decided to select Huawei's Agile TE Solution, which greatly reduces planning and O&M difficulties by deploying CE12800 as the core node of the SDN backbone network and the Agile Controller as the central control management platform. In addition, the CE12800 includes the SDN-b…
  • HUAWEI CE12800 Success Story- Chinacache

    Huawei CE12800 series data center core switches provide 4 Tbps bidirectional bandwidth per slot and 64 Tbps switching capacity per chassis. In addition, the CE12800 supports 12 x 100GE and 24 x 40GE high-performance cards. It also provides abundant data center features, such as virtualization and en…
  • HUAWEI CE12816 Tests- TRILL-based Full Mesh and Networking Capability Tests

    We used our latest high-speed Ethernet test platform to verify that Huawei CE12816 data center core switch supports TRILL-based networking with up to 512 nodes. In addition, the CE12816 implements full line-speed forwarding for 768 x 10GE ports without packet loss.
  • HUAWEI CE12800 Success Story- Guangdong Radio and TV Network Co.,Ltd

    Guangdong Radio and TV Network Co.,Ltd focuses on HD interaction and broadband interconnection. The company is now carrying out HD interaction bearer network reconstruction. Mr. Li, Director of Operations Center, said: "When we selected devices, Huawei proactively considered our HD interaction servi…
  • HUAWEI CE12800 Success Story- Department of Education of Guangdong Province

    Department of Education of Guangdong Province deploys Huawei CE12800 and CE6800 series switches as core devices on its data center network. Director of the IT department said that the department's data center has three equipment rooms. The architecture consisting of Huawei CE12800 and CE6800 provide…
  • HUAWEI CE12800 Success Story- VIPShop

    VIPSHOP's business volume keeps increasing at an annual rate of 100% to 150%. In 2013, VIPSHOP's sales revenue reached up to CNY12.6 billion. One of the challenges for VIPSHOP is to build a high-performance, scalable network system. Eventually, we selected Huawei as our partner. Mr. Yang Wenyong, Di…
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