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OptiX Metro 100

Developed to provide a complete solution for Huawei's optical transmission systems, the STM-1 type, case-shaped OptiX Metro 100 supports access of various services in the Local Area Network (LAN) or local transmission network. Working together with other equipment at the access layer, the product provides service access on the client side and transport for private line services.

High Integration

  • Chassis dimensions: 442 mm (W) x 220 mm (D) x 43.6 mm (H)
  • Excluding the power supply module, all functional units are integrated into one board

Low Power Consumption, Natural Heat Dissipation

  • Supports a maximum power consumption of only 16 W
  • Supports natural heat dissipation and produces low noise

Various Management Systems

  • OptiX iManager NMS (Network Management System)
  • Web-LCT (Local Craft Terminal)
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Carrier-class Protection

  • Supports the Radius security control, that is, the user names and passwords of all NEs are managed in a unified manner through the server of the user. Any user must pass the authentication before logging in to the NE. Therefore, the network security is high
  • SDH Network Protection
  • 1+1, 1:1 Linear MSP; SNCP (the switching duration is less than 50ms)

Highly Reliable Design

  • Power supply protection
  • The AC power input and the DC power input back up for each other. When only either of the power inputs is available, the NE can continue to operate properly. When neither power inputs is available, the device reports the alarm, indicating a power failure

  • Anti-reverse protection
  • The power supply provides anti-reverse protection

  • Lightning-proof protection
  • The power supply provides protection against lightning attack, overcurrent, and short-circuit

Flexible Installation

  • Mounted in a 19-inch cabinet, an ETSI 600 mm cabinet, or an ETSI 300 mm open cabinet
  • Wall-mounted
  • Desk-mounted

Various E1 Service Interfaces

  • RJ-45 (120Ω)
  • BNC (75Ω)
  • DB15 (X.21)

Specifications Metro 100
Aggregation STM-1
Dimensions 43.6 mm (H) x 442 mm (W) x 220 mm (D)
Switch Capacity 1.25Gbit/s full higher order and lower order cross-connect capacity
Supported Interfaces STM-1(o), E1(e), FE(e)
Power Supply DC: -48V DC or -60V DC
AC: 220V/110V AC
Networking Mode Supports multiple SDH networking topologies, such as chain, ring, tangent rings, intersecting rings, etc
Clock Synchronization Line clock source
Tributary clock source
One external clock input/output (2 Mbit/s)
Auxiliary Interface 10M/100M NM interface, external UPM management port, stack interfaces Alarm interface