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  • AR G3 Series Routers

    These are new-generation network products for enterprises and their branches, integrating various features and functions. Show Products

    • AR3200 Series Enterprise Routers

      With its flexible modular design, the Huawei AR3200 series enterprise routers are designed to provide secure unified voice and data communication with exceptional performance and scalability to meet the demands of today’s enterprise require…

    • AR2200 Series Enterprise Routers

      With industry-leading performance, Huawei AR2200 series enterprise routers provide secure and scalable unified voice and data communications for enterprise headquarters or branch offices.

    • AR1200 Series Enterprise Routers

      Huawei AR1200 Series routers are designed to provide secure and scalable unified voice and data communications for small enterprises or large enterprise branch offices.

    • AR150&160&200 Series Enterprise Routers

      Huawei’s next-generation routers, the AR 150, AR160 and AR 200 series are designed for enterprise branch offices and small businesses, delivering a comprehensive set of services, including routing, switching, voice, security, and wireless a…

  • Industrial Router

    New-generation industry-grade communication gateways designed to work in harsh, demanding, or extreme environments. They integrate routing, switching, security, and metering functions and provide a variety of extensions to satisfy the special needs of the field. Show Products

    • AR530 Industrial Switching Router

      The AR530 industrial switching routers are industrial gateways that are designed to work in harsh environments. They integrate routing, switching, security, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) functions and provide a variety of exten…

  • NE Routers

    The NE series of routers are high-class routers that Huawei offers for enterprises' backbone networks, aggregation nodes and edge nodes. Show Products

    • NE20E-S Universal Service Router

      NetEngine20E-S Universal Service Router (NE20E-S) series are high-end network products developed by Huawei for transportation, finance, electricity, government, education, and enterprise networks. They mainly serve as aggregation nodes on I…

    • NE40E Universal Service Router

      The NE40E series universal service router (USR), a high-end network product, features line-rate forwarding capability, a well designed Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism, strong service-processing capability, and excellent expansibility and…

    • Huawei NetEngine5000E Cluster Router

      Huawei NetEngine5000E cluster router (NE5000E) delivers industry-leading huge capacity, carrier-level availability and green design,which fully guarantees the network robustness, service flexibility and TCO saving for service providers. Pow…

  • MSCG

    Multi-Service Control Gateways are positioned on the broadband MAN access edge and the IP / MPLS core network edge as a unified terminal/user management/service provisioning platform to provide users. Show Products

    • ME60

      Huawei ME60 series Multiservice Control Gateway is perfect as service point of presence (SPOP) of IP/MPLS network, BRAS node of broadband service access, or core node of campus networks, by delivering industry-leading performance, monetizat…