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Network Energy

  • UPS

    Provides reliable and highly efficient uninterruptible power protection to facilities including datacenters, branches, offices, and other areas in telecommunications, finance, government, and transportation, etc. Show Products

    • UPS5000-E Series (40-1280 kVA)

      UPS5000-E is a high performance uninterruptible power system which can provide high efficient and reliable power protection to large / medium data centers. It features modular design and can output 40-1280 kVA power protection with rated ca…

    • UPS5000-A Series (30-800 kVA)

      Huawei UPS5000-A is an online double conversion UPS which can outputs pure sine wave with rated voltage of 380/400/415 Vac. UPS5000-A has a high efficiency of up to 96% and high power density of up to 300kVA per cabinet; all-digital control…

    • UPS2000-G Series (1-20 kVA)

      UPS2000-G is an online double conversion and sine wave power system that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to precision instruments. UPS2000-G can be tower- or rack-mounted, depending on the site requirements. It supplies AC power …

    • UPS8000-D Series (200-600 kVA)

      UPS8000-D series is an online sine-wave double-conversion UPS which features high performance. It is designed for large- and medium-sized computer rooms (for example, network computer rooms in the finance, communications, insurance, railway…

  • Precision Air Conditioner

    Provide efficient, reliable and intelligent cooling solutions and products for ICT equipments Show Products

    • NetCol5000-A Series(Air-cooled In-row)

      NetCol5000-A is an air cooled in-row precision air conditioner developed by Huawei. It is configured with DC inverter compressors, EC fans, PTC electric heaters and electrode humidifiers. Cooling capacity ranges are 20kW, 25kW and 35kW resp…

    • NetCol5000-C Series(Water-cooled In-row)

      NetCol5000-C is a chilled water precision air conditioner developed by Huawei. Basically, it is an air conditioning unit installed inside the data center and works together with chillers, chilled water pumps, piping etc., to form a complete…

    • NetCol8000-A Series(Air-cooled In-room)

      NetCol8000-A is an air cooled in-room precision air conditioner developed by Huawei. It is composed of indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is configured with scroll compressors, large surface evaporators, EC fans (optional), infrared …

    • NetCol8000-C Series (Chilled Water In-room Type)

      NetCol8000-C is a chilled water in-room precision air conditioner developed by Huawei. Typically it works together with chillers, chilled water pumps, piping etc., to form a complete cooling system. NetCol8000-C is configured with EC fans, …

  • Data Center Facilities

    New-generation data center solutions for enterprise or industry customers. Featuring fast deployment, high efficiency, energy saving, flexible expansion and intelligent management. Show Products

    • IDS1000-A All-in-one container data center

      The Huawei IDS1000-A is highly integrated small-capacity container data center solutions, which integrated all systems in one container, including power supply & distribution, cooling, IT cabinets, cabling, anti-fire, lightning protection a…

    • IDS1000-C cluster container data center

      IDS1000 - C cluster container data center with flexible, mixing and modular design concept, is committed to help customers to build the green cloud computing data center infrastructure, and realize the availability, safety, agility, scalabi…

    • IDS2000-S Small Modular Data Center

      To meet the requirements of quick deployment for the indoor data centers of enterprise branches, Huawei has launched the IDS2000-S modular data center solution which is at the end of the date center network and plays an important role for t…

    • IDS2000-M Medium Modular Data Center

      IDS2000-M is a new generation modular data center solution. It adopts All-In-Room design and features high density modularization, optimal reliability and security, fast deployment, cost effectiveness, energy saving and excellent monitoring…

    • IDS2000-L Large Modular Data Center

      To meet the requirements of quick deployment for large scale indoor data centers, Huawei has launched the IDS2000-L modular data center solution. IDS2000-L is a new generation modular data center solution with complete integration of rack c…

  • Site Power Systems

    The all range of site power products and solutions for core network, convergence network and access network. Show Products

    • Large Capacity Power Supply

      TP482000B and TP483000D are the first all-digital large capacity telecom power systems in industry. The systems consist of 1U 100A/50A high efficiency rectifiers. The systems have tremendous features such as high reliability, high efficienc…

    • Indoor Power

      Indoor Power Supply is an AC/DC power system which is optimized for indoor application such as indoor BTSs and Core Network room, etc. This system can be configured 48V/50A rectifier module, and provides a rated of 200A/ 300A/600A output cu…

    • Outdoor Power

      TP48200A serial power products convert AC input to -48VDC output. It is widely used in outdoor DBS, BTS, and DBS plus BTS scenes. The products focus on security, energy efficiency, reliability, flexible integration, supplying reliable power…

    • Embedded Power

      The embedded power system includes series of embedded power products such as ETP4830, ETP4890 and ETP48200. Its output range is from 30A to 200A. It is applicable to various scenarios and each function unit adopts standard-size design. Its …

    • Wall-mounted Power

      Wall-mounted power system mainly used in 2G/3G coverage, microwave coverage, WLAN equipments power supply. It supports 220V single phase or 110V dual-wire input. It has the features of compact design, intelligent monitoring, flexible backup…

    • Mini-shelter

      Huawei Mini-Shelter products aim to help enterprise clients alleviate the pressure of site acquisition, and meet the requirement of energy conservation and emission reduction, fast deployment and adaption to multiple scenarios. A single cab…

  • Hybrid Power Solution

    HUAWEI Hybrid Power Solution is designed to provide the power supply solution with key features of high reliability, high efficiency and cost saving for ICT devices in the scenarios with unstable grid and off-grid. Show Products

    • PowerCube 1000-Diesel Hybrid

      PowerCube 1000-D is applicable in off-grid&poor grid areas.This solution solves the problem of low conversion efficiency, high fuel consumption,heavy maintenance and component theft.

    • PowerCube 1000-Grid Hybrid

      PowerCube 1000-G is applicable in the areas with poor or unstable grid. By using intelligent energy scheduling strategy to maximally use grid in order to reduce the EPM running time or even remove it.

    • PowerCube 1000-Solar Hybrid

      PowerCube 1000-S is applicable in off-grid areas with abundant solar energy.It adopts PV modules to convert solar power into electric power in order to save OPEX .This solution is“0”carbon emission & low maintenance required.

    • Video Surveillance Power Supply System

      For the video surveillance in downtown, street, highway, oil pipeline, forest etc. where there is no grid or poor grid, HUAWEI presents the solar powered video surveillance power supply system POWERCUBE 500 solution. It is environment frien…

  • Solar Inverter

    To provide a full range of inverters and monitoring products with higher yields, high reliability, smart and friendly features for commercial and large-scale open field PV plants, to help customers realise profit and success on business. Show Products

    • SUN2000 String Inverter

      SUN2000 series of products uses three-level circuit topology, the maximum efficiency up to 98.6%, Photon test result is A+/A+ at both of high irradiation and medium irradiation. The three MPPT is adaptable and flexible for building roof-to…

    • SUN8000 Central Inverter

      SUN8000 has leading efficiency up to 98.7% with "T" type three level topology, and significantly improves reliability with modular design and intelligent dormancy, optimizing efficiency at low irradiation. This product series supports two-w…