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PowerCube 1000-Solar Hybrid

PowerCube 1000-S is applicable in off-grid areas with abundant solar energy.It adopts PV modules to convert solar power into electric power in order to save OPEX .This solution is“0”carbon emission & low maintenance required.

Saving TCO

Remove D.G, saving diesel consumption and maintenance.

MPPT solar controller, saving PV modules

The MPPT Tracking technology enables the solar supply unit (SSU) available efficiency to increase to 98.5%, while the tracking precision reaches to 99.8%. The energy harvest rate increased by 10~30% compared to On/Off technology.

Long battery cycle life, protecting investment

Huawei ESS-S (Energy Storage System-Solar) suits for solar power scenario.

Single platform, smooth expansion

System support smooth evolution of different hybrid power solutions(Solar-DG hybrid solution , Solar-Grid hybrid solution, etc.).

High Reliability

System support fault tolerance, fool-proof design , anti-reverse design , redundancy design enable system supply power reliability.

Value-added services

  • E-tag for remote property management;
  • Electric expenditure calculation;
  • Refuel reminding.

Smooth evolution

  • Modular design;
  • Easy expansion;
  • System support smooth evolution of different hybrid power solutions (solar solution, Solar-Grid hybrid solution, etc.).

PowerCube-S S302N S303N S304N
Solar Supply Unit Capacity (A) 50A*1 50A*1 50A*2
Cooling Method of Integrated Controller & Converter Heat Exchange Heat Exchange Heat Exchange
Cooling Method of Energy Storage System Natural Cooling Natural Cooling Natural Cooling
Energy Storage System Type ESS-S ESS-S ESS-S
Energy Storage System Capacity (KWh) 38.4 57.6 76.8
Power distribution Secondary load (-48v) 125 A*1(MCB), 63A*2(MCB) 125 A*1(MCB), 63A*2(MCB) 125 A*1(MCB), 63A*2(MCB)
Primary load (-48v) 32A*2( MCB), 16A*1(MCB) 32A*2( MCB), 16A*1(MCB) 32A*2( MCB), 16A*1(MCB)
Physical Specifications      
Weight(exclude PV module)(Kg) <1756 <2883 <3405
Solar Supply Unit Tracking Precision (Max) 99.80% 99.80% 99.80%
Solar Supply Unit Efficiency (Max) 98.50% 98.50% 98.50%
Protection Level Integrated Controller & Converter System IP55 IP55 IP55
Energy Storage System IP23 IP23 IP23
Operating Conditions      
Operating Temperature -20~+50℃ -20~+50℃ -20~+50℃
Storage Temperature -40~+70℃ -40~+70℃ -40~+70℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95% 5%~95% 5%~95%
Operating Altitude 0~4000m (Power derated when > 2,000m) 0~4000m (Power derated when > 2,000m) 0~4000m (Power derated when > 2,000m)
Wind-resistance Level ≤50m/s ≤50m/s ≤50m/s
Adjustable Angle for PV Module Supporter
Anti-reverse of Polarity for PV Module
All-in-one Control Design
SolarMaxPatent Technology
Module Compactible
Hot Plug
Controller Software Online Upgrading
Statistics on Num of Charge/Discharge, Sum of Discharged Capacity
Real Time Monitor Voltage, Current, Temperature of Energy Storage System
Surge Protection Design for Signal and Power Interface
High Supporter Anti-theft Design
Alarming System for PV Module Stolen
Anti-theft Bolt
IP,GPRS, SMS Networking
Real-time Data Monitoring
Alerting and Historical Data Tracking System
KPI Performance Statistics
Remote Configuration/Operation
Remote Login Via Website

Remark : "●"Mandatory, "○"Optional,"-" None

EPS(Energy Plant System):

EPS (Energy Plant System) is the power source, including commercial grid power, solar power and D.G power.

ICC (Integrated Controller and Converter):

The ICC consists of a cabinet, a temperature system, ECC500, an integrated distribution unit (IDU), power supply unit (PSU). The cabinet has both the front and back doors.

ESS (Energy Storage System):

The ESS consists of batteries and a cabinet which are integrated together with ICC inside one cabinet.

OSS (Operation Support System):

The OSS is composed of NMC (NetEco), Network(GPRS/IP), ECC500 etc, ECC500 collects power and environment parameter through serial port and I/O port and then communicates with NMC through network. It supports data collection, data transmission and data display.