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Large Capacity Power Supply

TP482000B and TP483000D are the first all-digital large capacity telecom power systems in industry. The systems consist of 1U 100A/50A high efficiency rectifiers. The systems have tremendous features such as high reliability, high efficiency, high power density, high capacity, low noise and easy maintenance. The power system can converts AC input into –48 V DC output to supply power for DC-powered equipment. The systems can be applied in large and medium switching offices in local network, long-distance office, level-1 transmission backbone line, mobile switching office, mobile tandem exchange.

  • Wide range of AC input voltage, 3-phase-input rectifier remains working with one phase lost
  • High rectifier efficiency more than 96% helps to save energy
  • Excellent rectifier dormancy function helps to increase system efficiency
  • Rectifier MTBF≥ 500,000 hours
  • Online-swappable rectifier provides easy installation and maintenance
  • High power density, capacity of single cabinet system reaches 2000A and single rectifier cabinet reaches 3000A, helps to save footprint
  • Extra large system capacity with ability of cabinet paralleling
  • Intelligent battery management and protection helps to prolong battery lifespan
  • Support remote management through serial interface or Ethernet interface
  • Intelligent control module with LCD provides visible monitoring
  • Thorough alarms and protection against failures
  • E- label function provides online equipments management over entire network
  • Overall communication in CAN protocol realizes quick system response
  • Multiple innovative designs reduces voltage drop in distributed power system and makes less electricity transformation loss
  • Key loads current tests in DC cabinet offer over-current alarm

Type TP482000B TP483000D
System specification Dimension 2000mm(H)×600mm(W)×600mm(D) 2000mm(H)×2000mm(W)×600mm(D)
Weight ≤150Kg (without rectifier modules) <450kg (without rectifier modules)
Rated capacity 2000A (40PSU) 3000A (30PSU)
Cooling mode Natural cooling
Maintenance mode Front access, front and rear maintenance
Cabling mode Top or bottom inlet & outlet
Installation mode Floor installation (Antistatic floor or ground installation)
Protection level IP20
Environmental specification Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +45℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude 0~4000m(at the altitude from 2000m to 4000m, the temperature declines by 1ºC for each increase of 200m in altitude)
AC distribution Separate AC cabinet N/A TPA38631B-N20A1 TPA38401B-N20A1
Dimension/weight N/A 2000mm(H)×600mm(W)×600mm(D)/<120kg
AC input mode Three phase (L1, L2, L3, PE or L1, L2, L3, N, PE) Three phase four/five line mode, support TN, TT, IT
AC input voltage 85VAC~300VAC, rated: 208VAC 260VAC~530VAC, rated: 380VAC
AC input frequency 45~65Hz, rated: 50Hz/60Hz
AC input configuration 2×230A/3P (Terminal) 1×630A/4P (two inputs/manual switchover) 1×400A/4P (two inputs/manual switchover)
AC output configuration N/A 6×160A/3P (MCCB)
1×63A/3P (MCB)
1×32A/3P (MCB)
3×32A/1P (MCB)
4×160A/3P (MCCB)
1×63A/3P (MCB)
1×32A/3P (MCB)
3×32A/1P (MCB)
AC input surge protection Standard surge discharge current: 20kA, 8/20µs
Maximum surge discharge current: 40kA, 8/20µs
DC distribution Separate DC cabinet N/A TPD48302B-N20A1
Dimension/weight N/A 2000mm(H)×800mm(W)×600mm(D)/<180kg
Output voltage 42~58VDC, default value: 53.5VDC
Maximum output power 120kW 180kW
Battery fuse 2×(1000A×2) (NT4) 2×(1250A×2) (NT4)
Load fuse 6×500A(NT3); 6×160A(NT00); 6×100A(NT00) 8×500A(NT3); 4×400A(NT2); 4×200A(NT1); 8×160A(NT00); 6×100A(NT00)
Rectifier Separate rectifier cabinet N/A TPR48202B-N20C1 TPR48302B-N20C1
Cabinet dimension/weight N/A 2000mm(H)×600mm(W)×600mm(D)/<150kg (without rectifier modules)
Module efficiency Over 96%
Module input voltage Three phase, 85VAC~300VAC Three phase, 260VAC~530VAC
Monitoring unit Sensors interface Gate, water, smoke, battery temperature, environmental temperature & humidity, generator
Digital input 4 branches
Alarm output 8 branches
Communication port Ethernet, RS485/232,CAN

Large capacity power supply configures equipments as follows:

Power cabinet: TP483000D includes AC distribution cabinet (includes AC input switch , AC surge protect and AC distribution breaker), rectifier cabinet (includes monitor veneer) and DC distribution cabinet (includes DC distribution fuse and DC distribution surge protect veneer),TP482000B integrated cabinet (includes DC distribution unit and monitor veneer)

Rectifier: rectifier’s type and data are based on load power and battery’s most charge function to make sure (380V three phases use 100A modules, 110V dual line use 50A modules).

Cabinet contact power line: contact AC distribution cabinet and DC rectifier cabinet, every ten modules will equip one piece of power line(just for TP483000D)

Cabinet contact signal line: the number of signal line which contacts AC distribution cabinet, DC distribute test unit and rectifier cabinet monitor is based on cabinet contacting (just for TP483000D).

Cabinet contact copper bar: contacting DC distribution and rectifier cabinet, its number is based on cabinet contacting (just for TP483000D).

Optional, as follows:

Battery and battery bracket: according to loads power and backup time to choose the capacity of battery

Cables: AC input cable, cabinet grounding cable, plus copper bar grounding cable, battery cable, they are optional

Cover plate:according to the number of rectifiers

Cabinet contact modules CAN cable: it’s used to communicate between main rectifier cabinet and lesser rectifier cabinet ,when power up to 6000A is optional

Cabinet door: TP482000B is not equipped side door, TP483000D is not need to equipped side door. When DC distribution cabinet and rectifier cabinet are needed,

two doors are equipped. Rectifier cabinet needs three doors. DC distribution cabinet need two doors.

Temperature & humidity sensor: 40 – 80 ℃-plus or minus one centigrade –resistance signal-NTC resistance, 10m