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The GPX147-ODF2101 series of optical fiber distribution cabinet (or frame) can be applied in the FTTx-ODN or traditional optical transmission network, the cabinet (or frame) is designed to house the 19-inch standard modules which can provide the function of splicing, termination or splitting. The GPX147-ODF2101 of 2200 millimeters high can provide a maximum capacity of 576 cores of termination or 1248 cores of splitting.

  • Standard design: The 19-inch open structure contributes to high universality of units.
  • Modular design: Modular design, each module can be removed separately. Therefore, it can be configured flexibly and expanded easily.
  • Proper Cabling: Proper cabling design meets the requirements for leading in or out cables upward or downward.
  • Excellent Operability: Allows to perform operations at full front. It can be combined back to back or side by side, also installed against the wall.
  • High Security: Support the stripping, fixing, and grounding protection of optical fibers. The optical fibers are protected from end to end depending on arc- shaped cabling devices, complete protection accessories, and over-30mm radius of curvature.

Model GPX147-ODF2101CH2 GPX147-ODF2101CH3 GPX147-ODF2101FH2
Dimension (H×W×D)mm 2200×800×300 2000×800×300 2000×800×300
Installation space(U) 43 38 43
Installation standard 19〞 19〞 19〞
Capacity(core) Integrated splicing and termination:576
Integrated splicing and termination:504
Integrated splicing and termination:576
Material Metal sheet Metal sheet Metal sheet
Net weight / Gross weight (kg) 101/142 91/131 56/97

Item Description
Minimum bend radius ≥30mm
Insertion loss PC≤0.35dB;UPC≤0.35dB;APC≤0.45dB
Return loss PC≥40dB;UPC≥50dB;APC≥60dB
Swapping durability >1000 times
Dielectric withstanding voltage ≥1×103MΩ/500V DC

Item Description
Operating temperature -10℃~+45℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+65℃
Operating humidity ≤85%(+30℃)
Atmospheric pressure 70kPa~106kPa

Item Description
Structure module Cabinet/Frame,Optical cable entry unit,Fiber spool unit,base
Function module Integrated splicing and termination unit、19” rack-mounted optical splitter

GPX147-ODF2101CH/FH Universal Modules

Integrated splicing and termination unit


  • 19 inch installation, integrate ETSI installation
  • Support splicing and termination functions
  • Compact structure, to be used in 300 depth cabinet


Model Dimension
Capacity (core) Installation standard
GPX147-GRP 4U×482×260 72 19〞
GPX147-GRP 3U×482×260 48 19〞
GPX147-GRP 2U×482×260 24 19〞
GPX147-GRP 1U×482×260 12 19〞

19” Rack-mounted optical splitter


  • 19 inch installation , integrate ETSI installation
  • Modular design, with a guide rail and tray structure for easy maintenance.
  • With a tray clamped using cable ties to prevent the tray from falling
  • Series products , and provides optical splitters with split ratios ranging from 1:4 to 1:64 and 2:2 to 2:32 for different application scenario requirements.


Model Dimension(H×W×D)mm Splitting ratio Installation standard
SPL1202-1U 1U×483×260 N:2、N:4、N:8、N:16、N:32 (N=1、2) 19’’
SPL1202-2U 2U×483×260 1:64 19’’

GPX147-ODF2101CH/FH Universal Modules

Optical cable entry unit


  • 19 inch installation, integrate ETSI installation
  • Used to fix optical cables and provide grounding protection for strengthened members of optical cables.


Model Dimension (H×W×D)mm Weight ( kg)
GYR-1 5U×482×82 3.3

Fiber spool unit


  • 19 inch installation, integrate ETSI installation
  • To coil and store redundant pigtails or patch cords.


Model Dimension (H×W×D)mm Weight (kg)
GPX147-FH-PQU 4U×482×107 3.3



  • The height is adjustable , 5mm of one step


Model Dimension (H×W×D)mm Weight (kg)
GPX147-R-DZA H×756×295,(180≤H≤325) 13
GPX147-R-DZB H×756×295,(330≤H≤615) 16