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GXF147-FDT 2201D Fiber Distribution Terminal

GXF147-FDT 2201D series of Fiber Distribution Terminal is applied in the optical transmission network to connect the feeder cable and distribution cable. The device can be used to fixed and protect cable, terminate fiber, splice fiber, distribute and dispatch fiber route, protect other space part and install value-add module. The maximum of termination is 576 cores and the maximum of splitter is 544 cores.

  • Reasonable design:
  • Clear route with divisional design;
  • Connection and distribution of each fiber has clear identification;
  • Satisfy the requirement of low permeability of the customer
  • Reliable performance:
  • The cabinet has reliable devices for fixing, grounding, storing and protecting optical cables;
  • The door lock boasts reliable theft-proof performance;
  • The cabinet body uses the SMC materials to ensure good heat isolation, anticorrosive, light performance
  • Flexible configuration and easy operation:
  • The module adopt modular structure and are very easy to operate and maintain.

Model GXF147-FDT 2201D
Capacity of termination Maximum of termination is 576 cores
Capacity and type of splitter Maximum of splitter is 544 cores of SPL1202 Rock-Mounted splitter
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 1555mm×755mm×630mm (Include base)
Type and precision of adapter SC/APC-SC/APC, SC/PC-SC/PC, 2LC/APC-2LC/APC,
Net weight 190kg
Material SMC Material
Color Huawei Gray(RAL703)
Installation Install on the Ground
Protect class IP65

Item Description
Cabinet body Operation Temperature -40℃~+65℃
Storage Temperature -25℃~+55℃
Operation Humidity 0%~95%(+40℃)
Atmospheric Pressure 70kPa~106kPa

Item Description
Adapter insert loss UPC≤0.2dB;APC≤0.2dB
Adapter return loss UPC≥50dB;APC≥60dB
Reseating durability >500 time
Insulation impedance ≥ 2 × 104 MΩ/500 V DC (between the grounding device and the metal part of cabinet body)
Withstanding voltage ≥ 3000 V DC/min (between the grounding device and the metal part of cabinet body)
Mechanical strength Vertical pressure withstand of each surface > 980 N
Vertical pressure withstand of outmost part of cabinet with door opened > 200 N