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SmartAX MA5694/MA5698

The SmartAX MA5694/MA5698 Multi-service Access Module (MA5694/MA5698 for short) is an optical network unit (ONU) developed by Huawei.

The MA5694 and MA5698 connect to OLTs through GPON/EPON/GE ports in the upstream direction, and to production servers, data collection terminals, and security cameras through ADSL2+/VDSL2/FE ports in the downstream direction. In the upstream direction, the MA5694 and MA5698 connect to OLTs through dual PON ports, forming dual-link protection. These series ONUs are capable of providing enterprise private line services

through E1 ports

  • Dual upstream PON ports support Type B, Type C, and Type D PON network protection, improving network reliability.
  • The 1588v2 and synchronous Ethernet stratum 3 clock system is supported.
  • The MA5698 supports power backup using batteries. When the AC power supply is cut off, batteries supply power to the MA5698, improving system stabilit
  • Two SFP optical modules are used in the upstream direction, supporting GPON/EPON/GE auto-negotiation.
  • The downstream GE ports support optical and electrical modes and COMBO functions.
  • One-stop deployment and plug-and-play: The MA569X series ONUs can automatically obtain the configuration data from the NMS and report the online information to the NMS. The configuration data automatically takes effect.
  • Automatic batch upgrade is supported. If an upgrade fails, the source version and data automatically recover, ensuring system stability.
  • Fault location/Remote fault rectification and device self-check/diagnosis are supported.

SmartAX MA5694/MA5698
GPON Provides two GPON ports equipped with SFP optical modules. Y Y
Complies with ITU G.984 standards. Y Y
The GPON port supports T-CONT type 1 to type 5. Y Y
Number of T-CONTs 32 32
Alloc-ID range 0~4095 0~4095
Number of GEM ports 1000 1000
GEM port ID range 0~4095 0~4095
Number of service ports that can map a GEM port 8 (Total 1000) 8 (Total 1000)
Number of priority queues supported by each T-CONT 8 8
Supports forward error correction (FEC). Y Y
Switching associated with OLT uplink status N N
GE Uplink GE optical port at most 2 at most 2
GE electrical port at most 2 at most 2
LAN Access FE ports comply with IEEE 802.3u. Y Y
GE optical ports support automatic negotiation (1000 Mbit/s and full duplex) and flow control. Y Y
Each port provides a LINK indicator and an ACT indicator. Y Y
Supports the suppression of broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast packets. Y Y
Supports port rate limitation with the granularity of 64 kbit/s. Y Y
Supports the test function for a LAN port. Y Y
Supports port aggregation. N N
Supporting GE electrical ports Y Y
E1 Access Number of E1 ports N 16
Supports E1 port loopback. Y
Supports E1 port blocking and unblocking. Y
Supports configuration of the maximum number of E1 ports supporting clock source recovery. 4
Supports alarm reporting on an E1 port (for example, in the case of clock recovery). Y
Supports native TDM. Y
Supports the E1 primary rate interface (PRI) function. N
Supports PRI-based voice services on an E1 port. N
MAC Address Management Supports the configuration for the number of MAC addresses. The actual number is less than the provided values when a hash conflict occurs. 16K 16K
Number of static MAC addresses 1K 1K
Number of MAC addresses learned by a service port 600 600
MTU Maximum packet length(bytes) 2000 2000
VLAN Management Number of VLANs 4000 4000
Number of port VLANs 8192 8192
Number of VLAN service profiles 64 64
Number of VLAN interfaces (IFs) 32 32
Service Flow Number of service ports supported by the system 256 512
Number of service ports 256 256
Supports dynamic MAC address binding N Y
Number of bound IP addresses (IP addresses are bound to service ports in static or dynamic mode) N IPv4:
static: 1024
dynamic: 1024
static: 128
dynamic: 128
Number of IP addresses bound to each service port N IPv4:8
Forwarding Policy Supports packet forwarding based on the outer VLAN+MAC address Y Y

Features and Specifications MA5694 MA5698
Dimensions (Width x
Depth x Height)
250 mm x 180 mm x 43.6 mm 442 mm x 245 mm x 43.6 mm
Network-Side Port 2 x SFP, GPON/EPON/GE
Three-mode auto-negotiation
One GE port supports GE optical and
electrical combo
Three-mode auto-negotiation
User-Side Port 4 GE ports, two of which support GE
optical and electrical combo
4 GE ports, two of which support GE optical
and electrical combo.
Two service slots, each of which supports the 8E1 or 8FE board
Working Temperature –40°C to +55 °C –40°C to +55 °C
Ambient Humidity 5% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing 5% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing
Heat Dissipation Mode Metal shell. Heat is dissipated naturally
without a fan.
Intelligent fan speed adjustment
Lightning Protection 6 kV 6 kV
Power Supply AC: 220 V
DC: –48 V
AC: 220 V
2 x DC: –48 V
Backup: 12 V DC
Weight 3 kg 3.7 kg
Typical Power
20 W 40 W