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iManager NetEco Site Energy OSS Solution

NetEco is an economical and efficient operation and maintenance tool for site energy equipments, it dedicates to realize meticulous and professional management for site energy and infrastructure system.

1.1 Unified Management Platform for Site Energy and Infrastructure

  • One set of NetEco (Network Ecosystem, site energy management expert) management platform can manage diverse sites with various Huawei hybrid power supplies, AC/DC powers, temperature control equipment, security and environmental factors.
  • One type of all-in-one controller can meet a variety of needs of real-time monitoring mode and dry contact monitoring mode simultaneously.
  • Operation and maintenance oriented (O&M-oriented) software features: Diesel generator (D.G.) management, fuel management, battery management, asset management and anti-theft, my workspace, alarm user interface template; practical statistics and analysis, remote alarm notification and alarm filtering.
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party system at SC (forwarding alarms to 3rd party system, e.g. NMS, NOC, via SNMP northbound interface).

1.2 Flexible, Smart and Stable Networking Solution

  • Flexible networking solution: NetEco support flexible networking modes, such as IP, E1 and GPRS. NetEco supports mixed mode networking for different sites.
  • Three core smart technologies make networking solutions more stable and reliable than others: Including transmission traffic control technology to ensure alarms and KPI data can be transfer to the SC even under traffic and unstable network link, resumes from broken points, transmission protocol optimization technology for different types of data to achieve efficient transmission.

1.3 Site Related Features and Benefits to Customers

  • Fast deployment: Featuring site controller automatic discovery, SC batch configuration and remote upgrade, the NetEco supports fast deployment with short construction period and results in instant effects.
  • High adaptability and less spare parts costs: Modular designed all-in-one controller can meet various requirements for diverse sites, support flexible configuration of functional modules according to the monitored objects and support smooth expansion by adding some specific modules. As to maintenance, you just need to replace the faulty module instead of replacing the entire controller.
  • Site asset management (inventory management) and anti-theft alarm: Practical inventory management (including but not limited to device name, vender, model, production date and barcode, etc.) for site energy equipment; abnormal fuel level alarm and equipment stolen alarm.

1.4 Effectively Supports Efficient Operation and Maintenance

  • NetEco makes site energy visible (status, alarms, real-time data and operating parameters), controllable (power supply logic, temperature control and battery test), manageable (asset, PUE and maintenance), optimization suggestions can be generated rely on NetEco.
  • 4-Remote-Function: The NetEco realizes remote measuring (analog signals), remote signaling (status and alarms), remote adjusting (operating parameters) and remote management for site energy and infrastructure equipment. (Remark: ‘remote’ means from customer’s NetEco network management center)
  • NetEco achieves automation and information of O&M routine, reduces OPEX by decreasing 60% of manpower site visit and 80% of site inspection items.
  • NetEco makes site energy-saving manageable, controllable and measurable.

NetEco Server Platform Capacity per Server
Small scale server, like RH2285 1000 sites
Medium scale server, like HP DL380 2000 sites
Large scale server, like HP DL580 5000 sites