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Management Systems

  • eSight

    Huawei eSight ICT O&M system is a Huawei new-generation solution for enterprise users to centrally manage the basic network, unified communications (UC), telepresence meetings, video surveillance devices, and data centers. The system monitors and manages devices of different types and from various vendors. It also monitors and analyzes network and service quality to enable unified management and intelligent linkage over enterprise resources, services and users. Show Products

    • eSight IPSec VPN Manager

      Enterprises use the IPSec VPN network to carry service data, ensuring data security; however, IPSec VPN technology is complex with multiple configuration parameters and commands, leading to troubleshooting and routine maintenance difficulti…

    • eSight LogCenter Manager

      Massive application systems and network devices are deployed in an enterprise, including hosts, databases, other application systems, switches, and firewalls. Due to inconsistent device log formats, low readability, and difficulties storing…

    • eSight Unified Management Platform

      With the ever-growing information-led transformation in enterprises, the application of information and communications technology (ICT) is experiencing an explosive growth and ICT systems have become increasingly complicated. Various ICT de…

    • eSight Terminal Manager

      The eSight Terminal manager provides automatic deployment, configuration, and maintenance management for IP phones and ATs.

    • eSight Storage Reporter

      The storage report manager provides long-time performance and capacity analysis reports for storage systems, helping users analyze performance bottlenecks and plan capacity.

    • eSight Secure Center

      eSight secure center provides rich secure management for Huawei UTM, firewall and AR routers, it can allows network administrators to configure security policies and help users to monitor firewall.

    • eSight QoS Manager

      With rapid network development, an increasing number of users transmit data through networks. IP networks carry not only data services but also VoIP, VPN, and ERP services to meet diversified user requirements. The new services have a commo…

    • eSight MPLS Tunnel Manager

      The tunnel technology is widely used in networks. Enterprises choose tunnels based on service features. Generally, LDP tunnels carry services that have low requirements on bandwidth and QoS, and MPLS TE tunnels carry services that have high…

    • eSight MPLS VPN Manager

      Virtual private networks (VPNs) are complex. They bear various services such as data, voice, and video. Huawei eSight MPLS VPN Manager is introduced to deal with the complexities such as the following in routine maintenance:

    • eSight Network Traffic Analyzer

      Fast, stable access speeds improve working efficiency, while low access speeds often affect office work. How can customers determine which applications consume a lot of bandwidth and generate heavy traffic and which employees use these appl…

    • eSight WLAN Manager

      With network development, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), a low-cost and highly efficient network deployment and maintenance mode, has been widely recognized by customers. However, Wi-Fi's high requirements on environment and disperse deployment…

    • eSight SLA Manager

      The increasing number of services carried by the IP network makes it difficult to ensure user experience. Administrators must detect potential faults in advance and use efficient fault diagnosis methods to quickly troubleshoot and recover s…

    • eSight Smart Reporter

      With rapid network development and continual integration of network applications and service management, information increases exponentially. It is impossible for administrators to obtain valuable information from the bulk information. Ther…

  • iManager NetEco Site Energy OSS Solution

    NetEco is the economic and efficient operation and maintenance tool for Network Energy equipments, which dedicates to realize meticulous and professional management for site power and infrastructure system. Show Products

    • iManager NetEco Site Energy OSS Solution

      NetEco is an economical and efficient operation and maintenance tool for site energy equipments, it dedicates to realize meticulous and professional management for site energy and infrastructure system.

  • iManager U2000

    The iManager U2000, an integrated system for network equipment management, provides robust functionality of NE and network management. Show Products