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Service-Oriented, Professional O&M — U2000 Solution to the Transport Domain

Huawei's U2000 solution to the transport domain provides end-to-end (E2E) management and fault analysis for services over the time division multiplexing (TDM) network and packet transport network (PTN) to cope with "pain points" in routine operation and maintenance (O&M) of such transport networks. This innovative solution pushes forward the O&M of transport networks by enhancing O&M efficiency and continuously reducing operational expenditure (OPEX) accordingly. Its applications reach widely into national and provincial transport networks covering diverse industries such as broadcasting & television, energy and education.

Managing the OTN, LH/Metro WDM, OSN, and MSTP Equipment Uniformly

Reducing O&M workload and improving O&M efficiency.

Managing the largest transport network worldwide

A U2000 manages a maximum of 20,000 equivalent nodes in a transport network. Each of U2000s within a transport network for a city with a population of nearly 30 million is able to manage 10,000 equivalent nodes, the top management capability in the world. Using the U2000, manual division of the network is not required, thus greatly simplifying the O&M graphical user interface (GUI) and reducing O&M costs.


  • Hybrid of the traditional Ethernet and packet Ethernet services
    Huawei is the first in the industry to provide E2E multi-service transmission platform (MSTP) Ethernet and packet Ethernet services.

  • Template-based service configuration wizard
    A policy template is developed for the complex parameter settings of packet services. This helps duplicate policies and speed up the packet service provisioning. All service configurations are instructed by the wizard, which makes configurations simple and user-friendly.

  • E2E management integrating ASON and traditional equipment
    Huawei takes the lead in implementing end-to-end grooming of the automatically switched optical network (ASON)-multi-service transmission platform (MSTP) and ASON-optical transport network (OTN) trails.

  • Unique high-security platinum services
    Huawei is the only one in the industry to use route constraints at the optical cable level. The U2000 provides high-security platinum services with separate physical routes.

Professional O&M

  • Trail cutover automated tool (TCAT)
    Traditional trail cutover modes used by carriers are confronted with three top issues: high labor cost, high risk, and long communication downtime. The TCAT tool addresses the three issues by improving the cutover efficiency by 5 times, reducing the labor cost by 60%, and shortening the communication downtime by 80%.

  • Trail connectivity detection and root cause analysis tool
    This tool directly displays service connectivity status and analyzes the root cause of disconnected trails. Using this tool, you are free from handling a large number of complex equipment alarms. This tool also reports service interruption alarms to facilitate fault handling and improves handling efficiency.