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eSight Secure Center

eSight secure center provides rich secure management for Huawei UTM, firewall and AR routers, it can allows network administrators to configure security policies and help users to monitor firewall.

eSight Secure Center supports the unified configuration of security application policies.

eSight Secure Center centrally manages security application policies on multiple devices, including Huawei UTMs, firewalls, and ARs. Users can configure device security application polices based on the user, user group, and device.

eSight Secure Center supports intelligent security policy analysis to provide basis for security policy optimization.

eSight Secure Center supports analysis on policy redundancy, policy risk, policy matching rate, and comprehensive policy analysis.

Policy redundancy analysis: Recognizes redundant policies on the network to ensure rationality of firewall policies.

Policy risk analysis: Recognizes policies with potential risks and provides suggestions to ensure the conformity and security of firewall policies. For example, if a policy is used to enable a port that must be disabled, or a policy is applied to a wider network segment, potential risks exist.

Policy matching rate analysis: Recognizes policies with high matching possibilities to facilitate policy optimization by O&M personnel.

Comprehensive policy analysis: Integrates analysis on policy redundancy, policy risk, and policy matching rate to provide device robustness assessment.

eSight Secure Center supports virtual firewall management.

eSight Secure Center automatically detects virtual firewalls and configures security policies on them and can configure and manage security policies on hundreds of virtual firewalls in a unified manner.

eSight Secure Center is installed on the same server as eSight Unified Network Management Platform standard or professional edition; therefore, the operating environment configuration requirements are the same.

Deployment scenarios for eSight Security Center are the same as those for eSight Unified Network Management Platform.

Description Quantity Range Remarks
eSight Application Base-Standard (includes 60 device licenses) Or
eSight Application Base-Professional (includes 60 device licenses)
1 Mandatory for eSight Unified Network Management Platform
eSight Secure Center (includes 5 device licenses) 1 Mandatory. The eSight Secure Center provides basic functions of security policy management, including five device management licenses.
eSight Secure Center License-Incremental 5 Devices Optional 0 to 600 One license manages five incremental devices.
eSight Secure Center License-Incremental 25 Devices Optional 0 to 120 One license manages 25 incremental devices.
eSight Secure Center Policy Analyzer Optional