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eSight QoS Manager

With rapid network development, an increasing number of users transmit data through networks. IP networks carry not only data services but also VoIP, VPN, and ERP services to meet diversified user requirements. The new services have a common feature, that is, high requirements on transmission performance such as bandwidth, latency, and jitter. Users want better experience during packet transmission. The QoS technology provides various QoS functions based on the requirements of different applications on the network, such as providing dedicated bandwidth, reducing the packet loss rate, managing and avoiding network congestion, adjusting network traffic, and setting packet priorities. Unified QoS management can manage network-wide QoS services in a centralized way to ensure network QoS.
Huawei eSight QoS Manager monitors network QoS in real time provides multi-dimensional data analysis, and displays QoS information in graphs and dashboards, simplifying network management. Integrating with the smart configuration tool, performance monitoring, Network Traffic Analyzer, and SLA Manager on eSight Unified Network Management Platform, eSight QoS Manager provides all-round functions of QoS configuration, monitoring, and optimization.

eSight QoS Manager uses a uniform dashboard to manage key information in a centralized manner.

The uniform dashboard displays top N information of various network QoS items, such as Bandwidth Usage of Traffic Classifier, Rate of Discarded Bits, Excess Bandwidth Rate, and Rate of Matched Bits. Based on such information, users can know the QoS bandwidth usage and network faults in real time. In addition, users can specify which information can be displayed on the dashboard.

eSight QoS Manager provides interface QoS management to directly display QoS traffic information.

eSight QoS Manager displays interface QoS traffic information in graphs and automatically updates the information. Visualized QoS management enables users to diagnose QoS faults in a timely manner.

eSight QoS Manager cooperates with various functional components integrated on eSight Unified Network Management Platform to implement E2E QoS management.

eSight QoS Manager integrates with the smart configuration tool, performance monitoring, Network Traffic Analyzer, and SLA Manager on eSight Unified Network Management Platform to provide E2E QoS management.

  • Setting QoS parameters: The smart configuration tool quickly delivers QoS configurations to devices in batches or through templates.
  • Checking QoS: eSight SLA Manager checks QoS items and displays QoS data in graphs in real time. Based on the real-time data, users can check whether the network QoS meets QoS configurations.
  • Monitoring QoS traffic information: eSight QoS Manager displays interface QoS traffic information, based on which users can discover QoS exceptions and diagnose faults in advance.
  • Optimizing QoS configurations: Network Traffic Analyzer and performance management display network-wide performance and traffic. Based on such data, users can discover the nodes with performance or traffic exceptions and adjust QoS configurations accordingly to ensure the network-wide traffic balance and stability.

eSight QoS Manager is installed on the same server as eSight Unified Network Management Platform standard or professional edition. Therefore, the configuration requirements for their running environment are the same.

There is no special requirement on the eSight network as long as managed devices can connect to the eSight server.

Item Quantity Remarks
eSight AppBase-Standard(include 60 devices License) or eSight AppBase-Professional(include 60 devices License) 1 Mandatory, eSight Unified Network Management Platform.
eSight SLA Manager 1 Mandatory, eSight SLA Manager, which includes the eSight QoS function.