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eSight Smart Reporter

With rapid network development and continual integration of network applications and service management, information increases exponentially. It is impossible for administrators to obtain valuable information from the bulk information. Therefore, enterprises are in an urgent need of an information management system that can collect, arrange, analyze, and display data to help improve operating efficiency. The information display mode directly affects users' understanding and provides the basis for decision making. eSight provides a powerful report analysis and design tool (eSight Smart Reporter).
Huawei eSight Smart Reporter provides preset report templates to meet requirements in most maintenance scenarios and provides the professional report design tool for users to customize statistics reports.

eSight Smart Reporter supports rights- and domain-based management and preset report templates to meet requirements in most maintenance scenarios.

eSight provides dozens of preset report templates for various statistics fields, such as performance, alarm, resources, WLAN, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and Quality of Service (QoS), helping users easily obtain statistics.

Statistics in multiple dimensions allow users to understand data from various perspectives.

eSight Smart Reporter provides statistics in different dimensions, including top N statistics, statistics at different levels (NE level, subnet level, and regional level), interface information (interface connection and disconnection, interface traffic, and interface performance), device resource usage (CPU and memory), and wireless resource usage (access users, AP traffic, AP rate, AP access failure, air interface usage, and AP radio).

Reports in multiple modes present statistics directly and intuitively.

eSight Smart Reporter supports not only tables but also graphs such as line, column, and pie charts, presenting users with concise and direct statistics.

Reports in multiple file formats apply to various scenarios.

eSight allows users to export report statistics into Excel, Word, or PDF files.

Flexible report settings meet various statistics requirements.

    • eSight supports both manual and periodic reports. Users can specify the time interval to periodically execute report tasks.
    • Users can set the time range for statistics.
    • eSight can collect statistics on multiple NEs simultaneously.
    • eSight can automatically send reports to users by email.

    Users can specify the times for eSight to collect data generated during peak hours.

eSight Smart Reporter is installed on the same server as eSight Unified Network Management Platform standard or professional edition; therefore, configuration requirements for the operating environments are the same.

Deployment scenarios for eSight Smart Reporter are the same as those for eSight Unified Network Management Platform.

Item Quantity Remarks
eSight Application Base-Standard (includes 60 device licenses) Or
eSight Application Base-Professional (includes 60 device licenses)
1 Mandatory for eSight Unified Network Management Platform
eSight Smart Reporter 1 Mandatory for eSight Smart Reporter
eSight Smart Reporter-Special Services-customized template development (per template) Optional Indicates the number of customized templates.