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WLAN Planner

Smart mobile terminals, such as PADs and mobile phones, are popular now, so the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a fashion way in the world. With emergence of various new applications, Wi-Fi becomes a popular network deployment and operation and maintenance method due to its low cost and high efficiency. Wi-Fi is prone to interference, so how to quickly deploy high-bandwidth, secure Wi-Fi networks is important to enterprises' E2E operation. WLAN Planner is a wireless network planning software developed by Huawei. It is developed based on Huawei's accumulative experiences in the wireless field. With support of a powerful engine, WLAN Planner simulates and plans customers' networks and generates network plan reports, which improves network quality.

AP Counter

The WLAN planning tool provides built-in AP counter. The AP counter automatically calculates the number of APs to be deployed based on the actual deployment environment, the number of concurrent users, and a single user's bandwidth requirements.

WLAN Network Planning

The tool automatically designs the target networks and deploys APs based on project requirements and customers' requirements. In addition, it can simulate signal coverage to provide a report for future network construction.

  • Supports obstacle settings. Besides the obstacle types pre-defined by the system, users can add other obstacles.
  • Supports area settings. Users can plan the number of access users, bandwidth, and signal strength for each area.
  • Automatically deploys APs. Users can press one key to deploy APs, calculate channels, and adjust power.
  • Simulates signal coverage and displays the lower limit of signal strength.
  • Designs cables and power supply system, including selecting and deploying switch types and connecting switches and APs.
  • Exporting network plan report, which contains design principle, material list, and design details.
  • Sets interference sources to simulate network environments.
  • Connects to the simulator to display signal quality of the specified position.

Item Recommended Configuration
CPU Dual-core 2.0 GHz or faster
Memory (GB) 2
Operating system Windows XP Professional (SP2) Windows 7
Monitor Resolution: 1280 x 768 or higher

Description Quantity Remarks
WLAN Planner 1 Mandatory