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Automation Tools

  • Automation Tools

    Rich series of network tools provide powerful support for customer and partners,in network design,optimization,migration,training and so on. Show Products

    • eNSP

      Enterprise Network Simulation Platform (eNSP) is a free, scalable, and graphic network simulation platform developed by Huawei. By simulating Huawei enterprise routers and switches, eNSP demonstrates real networks. eNSP can simulate large-s…

    • WLAN Planner

      Smart mobile terminals, such as PADs and mobile phones, are popular now, so the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a fashion way in the world. With emergence of various new applications, Wi-Fi becomes a popular network deployment and operation…

    • WLAN Tester

      WLAN Tester is Wi-Fi test software developed by Huawei. It tests various network specifications and provides built-in AP scanning and locating tools. During deployment of a new network, WLAN Tester can generate professional and reliable acc…

    • Network Migration Tool

      With the development of enterprise services, existing network devices cannot meet the growing new service requirements, and must be upgraded or replaced. It is inefficient and error-prone to manually upgrade a large number of devices on the…