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eSight Server Device Manager

Huawei eSight Server Device Manager could manage the full range of Huawei server, to achieve the server’s component resources management, monitoring and alarm function, while providing server remote KVM, virtual media remote maintenance functions, as well as providing OS mass deployment, RAID/BIOS batch configuration function, the administrators do not need to enter the device room to work, to meet customer’ customization needs, improve deployment efficiency.

Simplify IT Infrastructure Management

  • Through a unified entrance centralized management Huawei full range of server products.
  • Rapid discovery of IT infrastructure of servers.
  • Provides the remote KVM, virtual media, remote power on/off, batch RAID/BIOS configuration, OS deployment.
  • Resource, alarm, statistical information and other shows in the overall information management, make clear and simple.

Efficient Fault Location

  • Graphical display, fault state through the graphics distinction, stick out a mile.
  • Fault information delivered by SMS & Email timely, improve response speed.

Intelligent Analysis

  • Performance report provides the real-time and historical performance data of server CPU, memory, hard drives, networks, and other resources, to analyze the bottlenecks, optimize the business performance, improve service quality.

Simplify Installation and Deployment

  • Intelligent automatic installation of the deployment, rapid completion of installation.
  • Using Agent-Less technology, take the way of obtaining information of host agent, is removed from the host agent installation / deployment, maintenance cost.

Items Specifications
Max. number of management nodes 2000 PCS. (2000 PCS RH rack servers, or 200 PCS E6000 or 125 PCS E9000 blade servers, or 500 PCS X6000 or 25 PCS X8000 high density servers)
Device discovery Discovery by IP address, IP address segment, or subnet
Resource management Server device hardware information monitoring and management, including status monitoring, hardware configuration information monitoring, device panel view, remote KVM and virtual media, and so on.
Configuration & deployment Provides OS deployment & batch configuration, such as power on/off, BIOS, RAID, harddisk partition, and so on.
Alarm management Provides device hardware alarms, performance threshold alarms, alarm merge, alarm filtering, custom alarm notification.
Supports alarm events via SMS, Email notify
Performance report Current real-time performance, historical performance report statistics, performance alarm threshold, user-defined performance acquisition cycle
User authentication Concurrent login of users
Permission-specific management
Administrator: manages users and group resources
Operator: views and sets devices
Auditor: views service information
System security Supports RADIUS, LDAP authentication server
Recommend server configuration 4Core 1.6GHz or higher CPU, 8GB or more memory, 500GB or more hard disk
Operating system: SUSE Linux 10/11 64b
JRE Version: JRE1.6.0 + (excluding 1.7)
Client Configuration Internet Explorer 8.0/9.0, Firefox 12 or higher. The optimum resolution is 1280 * 768.