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IDS2000-S Small Modular Data Center

To meet the requirements of quick deployment for the indoor data centers of enterprise branches, Huawei has launched the IDS2000-S modular data center solution which is at the end of the date center network and plays an important role for terminal business.
IDS2000-S adopts All-In-Rack design and features fast deployment, flexible expansion, energy saving and intelligent monitoring.
As an integrative solution, it is designed for the room area of 20 ㎡. IDS2000-S integrates cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system and cabling system. It can support 1 to 3 cabinets with the total maximum power capacity of 4.5 kW.

Highly integration, plug and play

  • All subsystems including the cabinet, monitor, power supply, battery, network connection and etc are integrated in one rack.
  • Pre-engineering design, plug and play.
  • No engineering survey and consultation, fast deployment.

Standard architecture, flexible expansion

  • Adopts modular design, and the configurations are scalable so as to meet different application scenarios.
  • Standard architecture including power supply, heat dissipation and monitor meets fast bulk copy.

Safe, reliable and intelligent management

  • Redundancy design, safe and reliable in key systems such as power distribution system and cooling system and if one fails, the rest still support the normal operation for safe and reliable.
  • Comprehensive monitoring system supports remote management with SMS notification of real-time alarm information and achieves unified management of the global mini data center branches. Monitoring can save the O&M cost to meet unattended operation.
  • Data centers of small and medium enterprise
  • IT rooms of large industry customer terminal branches, such as:
  • Telecom business halls, call centers;
  • Finance branches, commercial chains;
  • Enterprise or government offices;
  • Control rooms of energy or chemical industry;
  • Small substations, power plants;
  • Stations along highway or rail traffic

Basic type

The basic type of IDS2000-S is mainly used in ordinary buildings with ventilation function and the ambient temperature is between 5 and 30 ℃.

Items Specifications
Single cabinet dimensions (H*W*D) 2000mm*600mm*1100mm
IT rated power IT rated power≤4.5kW
Power supply 220V、230V、240V/50(60)Hz;208V(double live wire)/50(60)Hz
External interface Local standard power interface
Operation condition Temperature of 5℃ to 30℃, relative humidity of 10% to 90%, altitude of 0m to 3000m
Structure Single front door and double rear doors with 110 degree Opening angle
Heat dissipation The speed of intelligent fans at top of the cabinet is adjusted in real time according to the temperature in order to save energy.
Air flow 70% door open ratio, Front-back air flow pattern, Optional cooling module at the top of cabinet
Power distribution Various efficient UPSs with different backup time for option, C-class lightning protection and manual maintenance bypass UPS
Monitoring system Running information collection and management of cabinet microenvironment, UPS, power distribution equipment and fan control system, supporting remote management and unified control with SMS notification.
Installation type Coupled with wheels and leveling feet

Typical Configuration Main Cabinet User Space Network Cabling Cabinet User Space Battery Cabinet UPS Battery Backup Time
Main Cabinet with UPS 25U × × 30min
Main Cabinet with UPS + Network Cabling Cabinet 25U 42U × 30min
Main Cabinet with UPS* + Battery Cabinet 31U × 30min/1h/2h/4h/8h optional
Main Cabinet with UPS * + Network Cabling Cabinet + Battery Cabinet 31U 42U 30min/1h/2h/4h/8h optional


* "× "stands for no configuration, "√" stands for standard configuration. Switch, router or sever are not mandatory, and will be provided by customers.

Main cabinet standard configuration: One set of PDU, monitoring module, smoke detector, temperature and humidity sensor, water sensor, door magnetic switch.

Network cabling cabinet standard configuration: One set of PDU, smoke detector and door magnetic switch.

Battery cabinet standard configuration: One set of smoke detector and door magnetic switch.