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NetCol5000-C Series (Chilled Water, In-row)

NetCol5000-C is a chilled water precision air conditioner developed by Huawei. Basically, it is an air conditioning unit installed inside the data center and works together with chillers, chilled water pumps, piping etc., to form a complete cooling system. It is configured with EC fans, and functions of cooling and dehumidification. Typically, it is installed between IT racks, and closely coupled with heat sources so as to provide in-row cooling solution for medium-high density data centers. NetCol5000-C is a highly reliable and efficient solution, which is also simple and convenient to install and maintain, contributing to building next generation green data centers.


  • High efficiency DC power module: fans are powered by high efficiency (up to 94%) Huawei-developed DC module; total rated power input goes down to 1.0kW only.
  • Efficient heat exchanger: CFD simulation and field synergy design help achieve an optimized heat exchange performance; heat transfer efficiency is improved by 10%.


  • Dual condensation pumps: dual floats & dual condensation pumps design; condensation drainage is not affected when one pump fails.
  • Dual power sources: when one source fails, automatically switches to the alternative one.
  • Eight EC fans: multiple backup ensures a smooth and constant air flow; performance is not affected when one fan goes out of work.


  • On-site fan maintenance: no need to switch off power for fan replacement.
  • Water piping: high quality imported rubber hose; threaded connection makes installation easier and free of brazing work.
  • It supports piping and cabling from both top and bottom of the unit, and can be accessed from both front and rare.
  • Leading-edge 7-inch colored touch screen features innovative one-touch interface switch and provides temperature & humidity curves display of the last 30 days, bringing an excellent usage experience.

NetCol5000-C Technical Specification:

Model Unit NetCol5000-C030H
Type Chilled Water
Air Discharge Direction Horizontal
Total Cooling Capacity kW 30.0
Sensible Cooling Capacity kW 30.0
Air Flow m3/h 5,100
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 200-240/1/50, 200-240/1/60
Water Flow l/s 1.4
Water Pressure Drop kPa 55
Electric Heating Capacity kW
Humidifying Capacity kg/h
Full Load Current A 5.5
Dimensions: W×D×H① mm 300×1000×2000 (300×1200×2000)
Net Weight kg 240

①: Data in brackets are applicable to the unit with 200mm-depth rear frame


  • Nominal cooling condition: return air dry bulb temperature 37.8C; RH20%; inlet/outlet water temperature 10C/15C
  • Data are subject to change without prior notice.

NetCol520 Chilled Water Distribution Unit Technical Specification:

Item Description
Model NetCol520-12T(top water piping)/NetCol520-12B(bottom water piping)
Dimensions 1800×1200×600mm (H×W×D)
Weight 200kg
Water Flow 43.2 m3/h

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