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NetCol8000-C Series(Chilled Water, In-room)

NetCol8000-C is a chilled water in-room precision air conditioner developed by Huawei. Typically it works together with chillers, chilled water pumps, piping etc., to form a complete cooling system. NetCol8000-C is configured with EC fans, infrared humidifiers, PTC electric heaters, and functions of cooling, dehumidification, humidification and heating. Cooling capacity ranges are 50kW, 70kW, 120kW and 150kW. NetCol8000-C is a highly efficient and reliable solution, which is also simple and easy to use, contributing to building next generation green data centers.


  • EC fan: Installed beneath the raised floor; stepless RPM modulation from 30% to 100%; 30% more energy saving than AC fan.
  • High efficiency heat exchange: louvered hydrophilic aluminum foil and large V-type heat exchanger design, improving heat exchange efficiency by 10%.


  • Dual independent circuit design provides extra backup: If one circuit goes wrong, the operation of the other circuit is not affected
  • Group control function realizes alternative operation and hot backup to avoid conflicting operations among units and ensure the stable running of IDC.


  • 100% front maintenance: side-by-side installation is available to achieve the lowest footprint and maintenance space requirement throughout the industry.
  • Easy on-site split without brazing work to reduce the dimension requirements of elevator and door.

NetCol8000-C Technical Specification:

Model Unit NetCol8000-C NetCol8000-C NetCol8000-C
050D 050U 070D
Type Chilled Water
Air Discharge Direction Bottom Top Bottom
EC fan Total Cooling Capacity kW 57.5 56.5 75
Sensible Cooling Capacity kW 47.7 46.5 60
Air Flow m3/h 12,600 12,350 14,000
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 380-415/3/50, 380-415/3/60, 440-480/3/60
Water Flow l/s 2.8 2.7 3.6
Water Pressure Drop kPa 80 78 100
Electric Heating Capacity kW 6
Humidifying Capacity kg/h 7
Full Load Current A 20 19.8 21.3
Dimensions: W×D×H mm 1140×890×1980
Net Weight kg 345 380 365

Model Unit NetCol8000-C NetCol8000-C NetCol8000-C
070U 120D 150D
Type 0 Chiller Water
Air Discharge Direction Top Bottom Bottom
EC fan Total Cooling Capacity kW 74 124 150
Sensible Cooling Capacity kW 59.2 101.7 120
Air Flow m3/h 13,750 26,600 28,000
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 380-415/3/50, 380-415/3/60, 440-480/3/60
Water Flow l/s 3.5 6 7.2
Water Pressure Drop kPa 100 90 100
Electric Heating Capacity kW 6 12
Humidifying Capacity kg/h 7 10
Full Load Current A 21.1 38 39.4
Dimensions: W×D×H mm 1140×890×1980 2280×890×1980
Net Weight kg 380 675 700


  • Nominal cooling condition: return air dry bulb temperature 24C; RH50%; inlet/outlet water temperature 7C/12C
  • Data are subject to change without prior notice

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