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NetCol5000-A Series(Air-cooled In-row)

NetCol5000-A is an air cooled in-row precision air conditioner developed by Huawei. It is configured with DC inverter compressors, EC fans, PTC electric heaters and electrode humidifiers. Cooling capacity ranges are 20kW, 25kW and 35kW respectively. It is usually installed between IT racks and closely coupled with heat sources so as to provide in-row cooling solution for medium and high density data centers. NetCol5000-A supports piping and cabling from both top and bottom of the unit, and can be accessed from both front and rare. It features high efficiency and high reliability, and is easy to install and maintain, contributing to building next generation green data centers.


  • DC inverter technology: featuring stepless cooling capacity modulation and high efficiency at partial load conditions with an IPLV up to 4.0, especially designed for data center cooling system.
  • EC fan: stepless RPM modulation ranging from 30% to 100%, precisely matching IT device air flow demand; 30% more energy saving than AC fan.


  • Safe running under 55℃: able to run stably at extreme ambient conditions with less cooling capacity drop.
  • CE certified: fully complied with European EMC and related standards.
  • Low startup current: the startup ampere of DC inverter air conditioner is lower than the rated, which could reduce the impact on the grid.
  • Anti-condensation design: advanced anti-condensation logic and air outlet insulation help avoid condensation and ensure a safe running.


  • Compressor is mounted with Rotalock (screw) and supports on-site replacement without brazing work.
  • Graphical grouping control function, supporting a 32-unit system maximally, helps realize precise evaluation and management on air conditioners' reserved capacity and real time power consumption.

NetCol5000-A Technical Specification:

Model Unit NetCol5000-A020H NetCol5000-A025H NetCol5000-A035H
Type Air-cooled
Air Discharge Direction Horizontal
Total Cooling Capacity kW 20.0 25.0 35.0
Sensible Cooling Capacity kW 20.0 25.0 35.0
Air Flow m3/h 4,000 4,600 6,500
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 380-415/3/50, 380/3/60 380-415/3/50, 380-415/3/60, 440-480/3/60
Refrigerant R410A
Electric Heating Capacity kW 3 6  
Humidifying Capacity kg/h 2 3 3
Full Load Current① A 23.0(16.5) 29.0(23.0) 32.0(26.0)
Dimensions: W×D×H mm 300×1000×2000 600×1100×2000
Net Weight kg 230 350

①: Data in brackets are applicable to indoor units without electric heater or humidifier


  • Nominal cooling condition: return air dry bulb temperature 37.8C; RH20%; condensing temperature 45C.
  • Data are subject to changes without prior notice

Outdoor Condenser Technical Specification:

Model Unit NetCol500-A038R NetCol500-A0384 NetCol500-A072R NetCol500-A0724
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 440-480/3/60 380-415/3/50, 380-415/3/60 440-480/3/60 380-415/3/50, 380-415/3/60
Fan Quantity PCS 1 2
Net Weight kg 110 150
Liquid Pipe Diameter in 5/8 in
Gas Pipe Diameter in 5/8 in
Full Load Current A 2.0 2.5 4.0 4.5
Dimensions: W×D×H mm 1370×1094×1160 1350×1094×1160 2200×1094×1100 2180×1094×1100

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