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UPS8000-D-500K is an online sine-wave double-conversion UPS which features high performance. It is designed for large- and medium-sized computer rooms (for example, network computer rooms in the finance, communications, insurance, railway, medical, and mining industries, enterprises, and public institutions), large- and medium-sized industrial equipment (for example, measuring instruments and industrial automation equipment), precision instruments, emergency systems, and lighting systems


  • Built-in output isolation transformer provides good electrical isolation, and ensures high adaptability to impulse load and stable output even in the most severe load disturbance
  • Wide input voltage range (240-480 Vac) enables UPS8000-D to be applicable for the worst electrical conditions
  • Backfeed protection technology ensures the safety of the system
  • Robust inverter ensures high overload capacity: 110% overload for 60min, 125% overload for 10min, 150% overload for 1min


  • The efficiency at online mode is higher than 94%, and for 25% load efficiency is up to 93%, as a result, UPS8000-D can save more energy than traditional UPSs in redundant configuration with low load rate
  • Intelligent hibernation technology minimizes the system power loss and helps the system operation at high efficiency at low load rate
  • Power walk-in technology boosts the proportion of UPS capacity to D.G. capacity to 1:1.1 and reduces CAPEX for customers
  • Low THDi of less than 3% minimizes the harmonic effect on the power grid


  • Maximally, 8 UPSs can be paralleled together to satisfy different power demand
  • Cascade technology enables two independent N+X parallel systems to be connected together in emergency.
  • Module design of power unit and front maintenance design make maintenance more simple


  • UPS8000-D supports various types of battery and provides four different control modes according to the battery type
  • LED and graphic LCD display facilitates operation and maintenance
  • Intelligent charging and discharging management, temperature compensation, and battery intelligent hibernation technology extend the battery life by 50%

Model UPS8000-D-500K
Rated Capacity 500 kVA/450 kW
Mains input rated Voltage 380/400/415 Vac
Input Voltage Range 240 Vac-480 Vac, 65% load at 240 Vac
Mains input Wiring 3Ph
Input Frequency Range 45-65 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion THDi<3%
Input Power Factor 0.99
Bypass Rated Voltage 380/400/415 Vac
Bypass input Wiring 3Ph+N
Bypass Input Frequency Range 50/60 Hz ±2% (±1%-±6% adjustable)
Battery Voltage 480 V
Output Wiring 3Ph+N
Rated Voltage 380/400/415 Vac±1%
Output Frequency Be synchronized to the bypass input (Online Mode), 50/60 Hz±0.05% (Battery Mode)
Waveform Sine wave, THDv<2%(linear load), THDv<3%(100% non-linear load)
Output Power Factor 0.9
Output Imbalance Voltage imbalance:±1%; Phase imbalance:±1°
Efficiency Up to 94%
Switch time 0 ms
Overload Capacity 110% overload for 60 min, 125% overload for 10 min and 150% overload for 1 min
Operation Temperature 0 ℃-40 ℃
Storage Temperature -25 ℃-70 ℃
Relative Humidity 0%-95% RH(non-condensing)
Operation Altitude ≤1000 m, above 1000 meters, derating of 1% for each 100 meters. The maximum altitude is 4000 meters.
Audible Noise <72dB
Dimensions (H×W×D) 1900 mm×2100 mm×1000mm
Weight 2525 kg
Communication Interfaces Dry contact, RS232, SNMP, Modbus
Certificate TLC, CE


  • UPS8000-D-500K: 500 KVA / 450 KW; three-phase input and three-phase output
  • Choose UPS model and number according to the loads and UPS redundancy mode


  • Configure battery according to the load and the backup time.

Optional Components

Communication Card

  • Dry Contact: monitors the UPS over input and output signals
  • SNMP: monitors the UPS over the network
  • Modbus: monitors the UPS over the network
  • Component for parallel system

  • Parallel Kit: used for parallel
  • UGS: enables two single systems to be a dual-bus system
  • PSJ: enables two systems to be a whole system in emergency
  • Others

  • Cold Start Component: cold start components allow a UPS to start from the battery when there is no mains input
  • Battery Switch Box: recommend configuring battery switch box for each battery string, which can disconnect the battery from UPS when faults occur or UPS need repair
  • Battery Temperature Sensor: monitors the Temperatures of the batteries
  • Top Cable Entry Cabinet: enables cable routing from the top of the UPS8000-D