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UPS5000-E-200K-F200 is a high performance uninterruptible power system which can provide high efficient and reliable power protection to central offices or medium data centers in telecommunication, finance, government, transportation, etc. It features modular design and can output 40-200 kVA power protection with rated capacity of 380/400/415 V AC. Benefiting from hot-swap design of key components that reduces mean time to repair greatly, the system reliability and availability is well improved.


  • Wide input voltage and frequency range:138-485Vac, 40-70Hz
  • 5kA lighting protection design on input port to reduce lightning related failure
  • Redundant design and hot-swappable controllers, which improve the stability of the whole system
  • Owing to the redundant fan system, 30% rated load can be driven even when two fans fail
  • High overload capacity: 110% overload for 60min, 125% overload for 10min, and 150% overload for 1min


  • High AC-AC efficiency,95%@20%Load,96%@40%Load,high efficiency at low load rate
  • Intelligent hibernation technology to improve operation efficiency and reduce the UPS power loss efficiently
  • High power density of up to 17.5W/inch3, and the footprint is only 0.5 square meters
  • Front maintenance and installation against the wall, reducing the maintenance space to 0.5 square meters
  • Output PF up to 1 and 25% more load driven


  • Modular design and expansion as required, avoiding overinvestment when planned
  • Maximum 32modules paralleled together, and easy to construct the dual-bus system and N+X system
  • Adjustable battery number from 30 to 40, which facilitates maintenance
  • Built-in SNMP card and Huawei Neteco 1000 software, easy to manage remotely
  • Various optional components to meet customized demands


  • Hot swappable power modules, control modules, and bypass modules and module replacement time close to 0, which facilitates capacity expansion and maintenance
  • Self-load test function to enable UPS5000-E to debug without loads and put into operation quickly
  • The 7-inch colored LCD in standard configurations supporting graphic display and various display languages

Model UPS5000-E-200K-F200
Rated capacity 40KVA/40KW 80KVA/80KW 120KVA/120KW 160KVA/160KW 200KVA/200KW
Module contained 1 2 3 4 5
Weight 227kg 260kg 293kg 326kg 359kg
Rated input voltage 380/400/415Vac
Input voltage range 138-485Vac; 100%load: 305-485 Vac
Input Frequency range 40-70Hz
Input wiring 3Ph + N + PE
Input power factor 0.99 
THDi THDi < 3% (Linear load); THDi < 5% (Non-linear load) 
Bypass rated input voltage 380/400/415Vac 
Bypass input wiring 3Ph + N + PE 
Bypass input frequency range 50/60Hz±6Hz 
Synchronization Range 50/60Hz±6Hz 
Battery votage 360V-480V (Battery number is adjustable form 30 to 40, 32 in default )
Output wiring 3Ph + N + PE
Output voltage 380/400/415Vac±1%
Output frequency Be synchronized to the bypass input (Online Mode); 50/60 Hz±0.25% (Battery Mode)
THDu 100% linear load: THDv < 1%, 100% non-linear load THDv < 3%
Output power factor 1
Voltage phase shift Voltage variation: ±3%; Phase variation: ±1.5°
Efficiency 96%
Switch time 0ms
Overload capacity Inverter: 110% overload: 60min; 125% overload: 10min; 150% overload: 1min
Bypass: 135% overload for long term; <1000% overload: 100ms
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-70℃
Relative Humidity 5%-95%RH(Non-condensing)
Maximum Operating Altitude <1000m. When the altitude is above 1000 m, the rated capacity decreases by 1% for each additional 100 m.
Audible noise <65dB
Dimension(height*width*depth) 2000×600×850mm
Communication Dry contact、RS485、SNMP
Certification TLC、CE、CB


UPS5000-E-200K-F200:contains 40kVA/40kW,80kVA/80kW,120kVA/120kW,160kVA/160kW,200kVA/200kW five configurations,separately contains 1、2、3、4、5 power modules,supporting three phase input ,three phase output;

The number of modules and racks accord to the load power consumption, redundancy needs.

Communication cards:(standard)

Dry contact card:Enables the UPS to manage the battery system (including the external battery switch and battery detector), communicate with the PC, provide alarm signals for external devices, and shut down devices remotely in emergencies.

Monitoring Interface Card:The monitoring interface cards include the FE port(supporting SNMP)、RS485(network management port)、Dry contact port.


Configuring battery according to the load and the battery running time

Optional Components:

Parallel Options:

  • Parallel cable:The parallel cable connects UPSs in parallel
  • BSC cable:The BSC cable transmits bus synchronization signals in a dual-bus system.

PDC Options:

  • Input power distribution cabinet:The input PDC uses one 4-pole 630 A input AC transfer switch (ATS) and two 3-pole 400 A mould case circuit breakers (MCCBs) respectively for mains and bypass outputs. The input PDC measures and displays electrical parameters, such as the three-phase input voltage, current, and power factor. The input PDC provides dry contacts to report the status of circuit breakers and a three-phase power indicator to display the power status.
  • Output power distribution cabinet:The output PDC uses two 4-pole 400 A input MCCBs and one 3-pole 630 A maintenance bypass circuit breaker. The output PDC measures and displays electrical parameters, such as the three-phase input voltage, current, and power factor. The output PDC provides dry contacts to report the status of circuit breakers and a three-phase power indicator to display the power status.

Other options

  • Dry contact extended card: The dry contact extended card provides extended monitoring ports: five groups of relay output ports and five groups of input ports. Backfeed protection card:The backfeed protection card detects mains and bypass backfeed and provides protection.
  • Backfeed protection card: The backfeed protection card detects mains and bypass backfeed and provides protection.
  • Battery switch box: The battery switch box controls the connection between battery strings and the UPS, and provides overload and short-circuit protection
  • Battery circuit breaker (BCB) box: The BCB box controls the connection between battery strings and the UPS when multiple battery strings are connected in parallel.
  • Top outlet kit: If you need to install the cabinet against the wall, install the top outlet kit to meet heat dissipation requirements.
  • IP21 component: The IP21 component prevents water from dropping into the cabinet, and protects the cabinet to IP21.
  • Antiseismic kit: The antiseismic kit reinforces the cabinet so that the cabinet meets the requirements of 9 degree seismic fortification intensity.
  • Battery detector: The battery detector monitors battery voltages and temperatures and battery string charge and discharge currents, and communicates with the PC over Modbus
  • Battery grounding failure detector: The battery grounding failure detector detects battery grounding failures and sends alarm signals when the ground leakage current exceeds the specified value.
  • Temperature and humidity collection board: Test the temperature and humidity of UPS.
  • Temperature and humidity collection: Test the temperature of battery room.