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UPS2000-G series (15-20kVA)

UPS2000-G-15K is used for power systems in various scenarios, including communications rooms, customer service centers, laboratories, instrument rooms, control rooms, offices, billing centers, precision control rooms, and process control centers. UPS2000-G-15K is an online double conversion and sine wave power system that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to precision instruments. The UPS can be tower- or rack-mounted, depending on the site requirements. It supplies AC power to small computer centers, networks, communications systems, automatic control systems, and precision instruments. The UPS provides optional components, such as a power distribution unit (PDU), monitoring ports, and an SNMP card, to deliver comprehensive solutions for low- and medium-powered equipment.


  • 5 kA lightning protection design, to reduce lightning related failure rate
  • Wide input voltage range to minimize battery use: 280-176 Vac for 100% load; 176-80 Vac for 100%-40% load (derating linearly)
  • Alarms for key components including bus capacitance, fans, and batteries in advance to eliminate potentials failures
  • High overload capacity: 125% overload for 5min and 150% overload for 1min


  • High on-line efficiency: up to 95% for 15/20 kVA; 94.5% for 10 kVA and 93.5% for 6 kVA; the global first batch of UPSs achieving “Energy star” certificate
  • Be conformed with EU Environment certification ROSH&Reach
  • High input power factor: > 0.99, saving the investment of input power distribution
  • ECO mode that can be enabled in good grid areas to cut energy loss more efficiently


  • High expandability: 4 UPSs maximally in a parallel system
  • Adjustable battery number: 16-20 for 6/10 kVA and 32-40 for 15/20kVA
  • Rack/tower convertible
  • Friendly interface in LCD, supports several languages and can be rotated according to installation type
  • Hierarchical power-off in single UPS mode to extend the backup time for important loads


  • Various communication modes including RS485, SNMP, USB, and dry contact
  • Only one communication card needed to manage all the UPSs in a parallel system
  • Intelligent charging and discharging management, temperature compensation, and intelligent hibernation technology, prolonging the battery life by 50%
  • Black box that records operation data to facilitate fault locating and clearing

Key parameters

Capacity 15kVA/13.5kW 20kVA/18kW
Model UPS2000-G-15KRTL UPS2000-G-20KRTL
Input and output formats 1 ph input /1 ph output
3 ph input /1 ph output
3 ph input /3 ph output
Rated Voltage L-N: 220/230/240Vac
Input Voltage Range L-N: 80-280Vac
Input Frequency Range 40-70Hz
Battery Voltage ±(192-240)Vdc
Output Voltage L-N: 220/230/240Vac
Output Frequency Tracking bypass input (Online mode); 50/60±0.1 Hz(Battery Mode)
Waveform Sine wave; THDv<2%
Output port OT connect terminal
System Efficiency Up to 95%
Overload Capacity 125% overload for 5 min; 150% overload for 1 min
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-70℃
Relative Humidity 0%-95%(No condensing)
Operating Altitude 1000m
Audible Noise <58dB
Height×Width×Depth (mm) 130×430×685
Weight 32kg
Communication interfaces RS485、USB、SNMP、dry contacts
Certification CB、CE、TLC、CQC、ECA


UPS2000-G-15KRTL 15kVA/13.5kW,support 1-phase input / 1-phase output , 3-phase input / 1-phase output and 3-phase input / 3-phase output
UPS2000-G-20KRTL 20kVA/18kW,support 1-phase input / 1-phase output , 3-phase input / 1-phase output and 3-phase input / 3-phase output


Battery pack 240V/7Ah battery pack
240V/9AH battery pack

Optional components

Communication card
Dry Contact Card provides six alarm dry contact outputs and two dry
contract control inputs (one is for shutdown signals, and the other is reserved).
Modbus Card Provides an RS485 networking solution for remote UPS management.
SNMP Card Remotely manage the UPS by
using an NMS, Huawei NetEco, or a web browser on a computer network
Power Distribution Component
PDU Supports 2 units parallel system, protects AC input and output, increases output sockets, and implements online UPS maintenance
STS(16A) switching primary loads between two power sources
Temperature Sensor monitoring the temperatures of the battery packs or between batteries
Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensor working with the SNMP card and testing the temperature and humidity of UPS
Rails configuring with rack