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HUAWEI TP3206-55 Panovision Telepresence

Huawei TP3206-55 is the new generation panoramic Telepresence with a brand new codec, panoramic camera and 55-inch display with ultra narrow bezel. It provides a panoramic view of the conference, which is an ideal option for the dedicated conference rooms.

• The new generation Panoramic Telepresence with Huawei patented panoramic camera
• The industry-leading Telepresence engine: three-in-one integrated codec, powerful encoding and decoding capability, ultra-low bandwidth, and resilience to packet loss
• 3×55-inch displays provide panoramic and ultra-HD experience
• 3×22-inch tabletop displays support 1080p60 HD content
• Supports up to six people for a video conference and ten people for a local conference
• Easy-to-use 10-inch PAD with GUI

Immersive HD Video and Audio Experience

HUAWEI TP3206-55 offers immersive telepresence experience at lower bandwidth by VME(Video Motion Enhancement ) and H.264 HP(High Profile) dual core drive. We have combined the best of video, audio and collaboration technologies to deliver dual-stream 1080p resolution for video and content sharing. With 6 MICs and AAC-LD triple-track-broadband audio, HUAWEI TP3206-55 brings you the perfect telepresence experience.

Ease of Use

With an innovative and popular touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI), HUAWEI TP3206-55 employs a 10-inch touch panel for the conference control, providing an intuitive interface for users to operate the system.

Unmatched Network Adaptability and Stability

IP technology is evolving, but there are always times that the live video quality is undermined due to QoS issues. With SEC (super error concealment ) and H.264 SVC (scalable video coding) technology, TP3206-55 is able to keep producing good video quality even if there is significant packet loss, low bandwidth, latency or jitter over the network.

Reduced TCO

Most companies expect to reduce cost with Telepresence. TP3206-55 supports local conference, front mount installation and maintenance. In addition, TP3206-55 saves space, power consumption and bandwidth, which consequently lowers TCO by up to 30%.

High Interoperability and Reliability

Huawei develops standard-based telepresence system, guaranteeing its high interoperability with mainstream telepresence products, including Telepresence based on TIP.

People now tend to concern more about the security of videoconference, and Huawei has the solution to address the problem. HUAWEI TP3206-55 adopts standard-based H.235 and AES encryption techniques to ensure that your videoconference is well protected from malicious hacking. The device configuration is locked by the admin password to avoid any misplay.

Category Item Specifications
Standards compliance Communication framework protocols ITU-T H.323
Video protocols Protocols: H.263/H263+, H.264 HP, H264 BP, and H.264 SVC
Audio protocols AAC-LD (mono, dual-channel, and three-channel), G.722, G.711, and G.728
Presentation protocols H.239 and BFCP
Encryption protocols AES media stream encryption
H.235 signaling encryption
Network transmission protocols TCP/IP, FTPS, DHCP, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, PPPoE, RTP, and RTCP
Resolution Video resolutions 1080p50/60, 1080i50/60, 1080p25/30, 720p50/60f, 720p30, 4CIF/4SIF, 2CIF/2SIF, and CIF/SIF
Presentation resolutions Presentation VGA input resolutions: 800 x 600 60/75 fps, 1024 x 768 60 fps, 1280 x 768 75 fps, 1280 x 800 60 fps, 1280 x 1024 60/75 fps, 1366 x 768 60 fps, 1440 x 900 60 fps, 1400 x 1050 60 fps, 720p 60/75 fps, 1080 60 fps, 1600 x 900 60 fps, 1600 x 1200 60 fps, 1680 x 1050 60 fps, 1920 x 1200 60 fps
Presentation HDMI resolutions: 720p 60 fps and 1080p 60 fps
Bandwidth Conference bandwidth 720p 30 fps: 2.3 Mbit/s at minimum; 3 Mbit/s recommended
720p 60 fps: 3 Mbit/s at minimum; 4.5 Mbit/s recommended
1080p 30 fps: 3 Mbit/s at minimum; 4.5 Mbit/s recommended
1080p 60 fps: 6 Mbit/s at minimum; 9 Mbit/s recommended
center camera
Structure Integrated structure with three built-in HD video camera lens
Resolution 3 x 1080p 50/60 fps
Angle of view > 90°
Screen HD display Size: 55 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Touch panel Size: 10 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
Tabletop display Size: 22 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Environmental requirements Temperature range Operating: 0°C to 35°C
Storage: –20°C to +60°C
Relative humidity 20% to 80% (non-condensing)
Altitude < 3 km
Reverberation time 0.3s to 0.5s
Ambient noise ≤ 43 dBA SPL (noise in the area between microphones and seats)
Recommended luminance 300 lux (illuminance per person)
Recommended color temperature 4000 K
Conference room dimensions
(H x W x D)
Minimum: 4890 mm x 4090 mm x 2440 mm (192.52 in. x 161.02 in. x 96.06 in.)
Recommended: 6490 mm x 4590 mm x 2700 mm (255.51 in. x 180.71 in. x 106.30 in.)
Power and power supply Input voltage 100–240 V AC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power < 1.5 kW
Physical specifications Dimensions
(H x W x D)
4290 mm x 3040 mm x 1850 mm (168.90 in. x 119.69 in. x 72.83 in.)
Weight < 800 kg

  TP3206-55 TP3106-70
Camera Panovision camera Panovision camera
Codec TE80 TE80
Display 3 × 55'' LED
(narrow bezel)
3× 70”LED
Data collaboration 3 × 22'' LCD displays 3 × 22'' LCD displays
Speaker 3 Sound Track Speakers 3 Sound Track Speakers
Microphone 6mic Array 6mic Array
User Interface 10'' touch panel 10'' touch panel
H.264 HP & SVC Support Support
IP IPv6 / IPv4 IPv6 / IPv4
Video resolution 1080p 60fps 1080p 60fps
Content sharing 1080p 60fps 1080p 60fps
Local conference Supported Supported
Device dimension <13 ㎡ (4.29*3.04m) 17.63 ㎡ (5.8*3.04)
Min. room dimension requirements 20 ㎡ (4.89*4.09m) 26.2 ㎡ (6.4*4.09m)
Power consumption <1.5 kW <1.59 kW

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