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Telepresence/Video Communications

  • Immersive Telepresence Systems

    Allowing users to experience high-quality, face-to-face and natural communications. Show Products

    • HUAWEI TP3206-55 Panovision Telepresence

      Huawei TP3206-55 is the new generation panoramic Telepresence with a brand new codec, panoramic camera and 55-inch display with ultra narrow bezel. It provides a panoramic view of the conference, which is an ideal option for the dedicated c…

    • HUAWEI TP3106-70 Immersive Telepresence

      Huawei TP3106-70 is the new generation immersive Telepresence with a brand new codec, panoramic camera and 70-inch display system. It provides true-to-life dimensions of six participants, which is an ideal option for the dedicated conferenc…

  • Room Telepresence Systems

    A diversity of room telepresence systems are available to meet various meeting room deployment requirements. Show Products

  • Personal Video Systems

    Bring diversified Video Communication to personal users anytime, anywhere. Show Products

    • Huawei Videoconferencing Software Client TE Desktop & Mobile

      Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile is a highly secure and reliable video conferencing application that provides high quality video, audio, and content sharing. It easily connects to your company’s video conferencing system, allowing you to join a c…

    • HUAWEI VP9050

      High-definition desktop videoconferencing endpoint with an elegant and sleek design for executive desktop communication.

  • Endpoints

    These endpoints perfectly meet customers' high-definition videoconferencing requirements in various environments. Show Products

  • Infrastructure

    Supporting different endpoints, this infrastructure provides the best user experience. Show Products

    • HUAWEI SMC2.0

      HUAWEI SMC2.0 (Service Management System 2.0) is a next-generation, open videoconferencing service management system for the unified control and management of videoconferencing assets. Its powerful management capabilities enable corporate I…

    • HUAWEI SwitchCenter

      HUAWEI SwitchCenter is a call-control and firewall traversal server that enables seamless video communication between internal and external networks, headquarters and branches, as well as different enterprises. This server employs H.323 and…

    • VP9600 Series Universal Transcoding Videoconferencing Services Platform

      HUAWEI VP9600 series is a cutting-edge MCU with high-capacity, high cost-effectiveness, flexible ports utilization and high scalability. It is the first MCU in the industry to support up to1080p60 universal transcoding.

    • ViewPoint 8600 Series Full HD Videoconferencing Services Platform

      ViewPoint 8660 is the first carrier-class full high-definition multipoint control unit in the industry. It supports 1080p HD video, AAC-LD wideband audio, HD content sharing.

    • HUAWEI RSE6500- The World’s First Large-capacity 1080p60 Recording and Streaming Engine

      This new-generation recording and streaming engine supports 1080p60 point-to-point and multi-point High-Definition (HD) recording, live streaming and mobile Video on Demand (VoD), providing open Application Programming Interface (API) and s…

    • HUAWEI UGW9500 Universal Media Gateway

      HUAWEI UGGW9500 is the industry's first gateway to support interoperability between standard Telepresence and videoconferencing systems and TIP-based systems.

  • Peripherals

    Bringing about a wonderful high-definition videoconferencing experience. Show Products

    • HUAWEI VPC600/VPC620 1080p 50/60fps HD Video Camera

      Ultra-HD video camera works with Huawei HD Series endpoints to provide 1080p 60fps high-definition video.

    • HUAWEI VPM220 Series Omnidirectional Intelligent MIC Array

      Microphone array works with Huawei TEX0 series HD video endpoints to bring a brand-new audiovisual experience.

    • HUAWEI VPM210

      Microphone array works with Huawei VP90xx series HD video endpoints to brings a brand-new audiovisual experience.

    • ViewPoint M100

      ViewPoint M100 arrays microphone with Compact appearance provides a 360 degree capture radius for a sound pickup distance of 6 meters to achieve HD audio, By working with HUAWEI ViewPoint 80xx series standard-definition video endpoints, Vie…

    • HUAWEI IGW100

      HUAWEI IGW100 is a convenient and cost-effective gateway for video and data communications between ISDN and IP networks. This gateway offers an easy-to-use solution for connecting all the video conferencing endpoints to ISDN network.