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Microphone array works with Huawei VP90xx series HD video endpoints to brings a brand-new audiovisual experience.
• Plug-and-play, PoE
• 6-meter pickup distance, and 360o pickup angle
• Automatic triple-cascading
• ANS, AEC, and AGC technologies

Elegant appearance

HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array is visually appealing. Elegant motifs are added to the design, which provides a refined and user-friendly appearance. Silver is the predominant color of the device, which is soft and appealing. Small bright-colored area is designed to look attractive for highlighting the layers and for providing visual appeal. HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array is not only visually appealing, but also complies with the global trends of environment-friendly design.

Plug and play

The structure has a simple design. The power of HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array is provided by the video endpoint . It can be connected to the video endpoint directly and is ready to be used without any configuration.

Superb HD audio

HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array adopts AAC-LD dual-audio-channel broadband audio and supports multiple audio codec protocols, such as G.711, G.722, and G.728. When HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array works with HUAWEI VP90xx series HD video endpoints, you will experience extraordinary video quality and will be overwhelmed by the HD audio effects.

All-around audio experience

HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array provides sound pickup of 360 degree range and 6- meter radius area.

HUAWEI VPM210 supports a cascading distance of 20 m. Three microphone arrays can be cascaded automatically to capture the dual-channel audio. HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array provides three levels of dual audio channels, and thus to achieve broader sound capture and realize an all-around Hi-Fi audio experience.

Superb audio processing technology

HUAWEI VPM210 microphone array provides functions, such as acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), and acoustic noise suppression (ANS). It provides the preceding functions at 48-kHz sampling rates. Thus, you can experience the crystal clear HD audio.

Compliant standards
Sampling rate 48 kHz
Frequency response 100 Hz~22 kHz
Sensitivity 38 ± 2 dB
Audio pickup distance 6 m
Audio pickup range 360°
Physical features
Environmental temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Dimensions Microphone dimensions (diameter × height): 200 mm×32mm
Package dimensions (L×W×H): 295mm×95mm×263mm
Weight Net weight: about 0.5 kg
Gross weight: about 1.5 kg