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Automated Experience Portal

Automated experience portal is an Interactive Voice Portal. It can provide 7*24 hours service without agent. Through integration with application system, many incoming calls can be handled by IVR. This can reduce agent workload and agent amount.

Separated control layer and resource layer

  • Media resources are provided by ACD. The media resource can play voice announcement. Media resource boards are load balance with each other. Capacity expansion only needs adding new boards.
  • Control layer is provided by Automated experience portal server. The servers are also load balance with each other to ensure reliability.
  • This architecture can increase system reliability and is very easy expansion.

Abundant video IVR service

  • Comparing with voice information, people can understand video information more easily and quickly. If IVR only provides voice service, many people will be confused in IVR flow. Huawei system can provide video service for customer, text menu can be added into video. People can find their service quickly and accurately.
  • Video service can be used on 3G network and Internet network.

Abundant automated application

  • IVR script can be customized to provide more flexible functions, like voice mail, voice call back, inbound fax and outbound fax, etc.
  • After automated service is finished, calls can be transferred to agent. IVR script can send associated message to agent, and then agent can know customer IVR track.

Customization Tool

  • Huawei system supports SCE and VXML IDE tool. They support Drag-And-Drop development mode. Engineer can develop IVR script after short training.
  • IVR script can be updated online. The update will not disturb service.

Open Platform

  • Support VXML and CC XML
  • Support database and application system integration.
  • Support standard MRCP protocol which can be used for TTS/ASR system integration.
  • Support integration with customer existed CTI system. Automated service and agent manual service can be converged.

Parameter Maximum capacity
Maximum GSL format IVR script for one PC Server 2000
Maximum VXML format IVR script for one PC server 800
Maximum IVR media resource amount for one U2980 MSU board 480