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Proactive Outbound Platform

Traditional contact center is only in charge of inbound calls. Contact center is used for service consultation or complaints. Along with contact center development, contact center is the bridge between customer and enterprise. Contact center should provide more outbound functions, telephone marketing, or service quality investigation.

Inbound & Outbound Blending

We know that contact center call traffic is not equal. When inbound call traffic is low, system should make outbound call to customer automatically. Huawei contact center agent is inbound and outbound blending. This can increase agent efficiency.

Multiple outbound modes

System supports predictive outbound, preview outbound, and progressive outbound, Enterprise can choose appropriate outbound mode.

  • Predictive outbound: System makes outbound call automatically and adjusts outbound speed based on system real time situation. System will call customer firstly. If customer has answered, system will assign an idle agent. So agent does not need to dial customer number, no need to wait, and agent outbound efficiency can be increased.
  • Preview outbound: After managers upload customer list into system, system will distribute customer to an idle agent. Agent can see customer information and decide whether making outbound or not.
  • Progressive outbound: System occupies an idle agent and makes outbound call. If customer answers the call, system will establish the conversation. Comparing with preview outbound, agent does not need to dial customer number, and agent does not have right to cancel this call.
  • IVR outbound: System support IVR outbound. Once customer receives this call, system will play advertisements or other simple application.

Outbound campaign management

HPS system is a B/S architecture outbound campaign management system. Managers can upload customer list into system, and configure outbound strategy.

  • Unified configuration: B/S architecture. Easy to use. All the outbound campaign management can be done in this portal.
  • Simple outbound campaign creation: Step-by-step creation mode. Managers can configure general information, strategy, filter, skill queue, outbound list, etc.
  • Mangers can monitor outbound campaign execution situation.

Open platform

System provides web service interface for ISV to develop new outbound campaign management system.