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Huawei Contact Center ACD –eSpace U2980

eSpace U2980 is used for middle and large size contact center. It is a PSTN gateway and media resource platform. Big capacity and high reliability design can meet middle and large contact center needs.
• It can connect to PSTN network and NGN network.
• High density trunk gateway. One board supports 16 E1.
• Media resource platform, supporting voice announcement, voice record, fax, outbound detection and meeting ability, supporting video conversation on 3G network Internet network.

Abundant Media Resource Ability

  • Support voice announcement and voice record. It can be used for IVR application and agent conversation record.
  • Embedded fax ability. Without 3rd party fax solution, U2980 can support fax receiving and fax sending function.
  • Support TTS/ASR feature. U2980 supports standard MRCP protocol, using this protocol, U2980 can connect to 3rd party TTS/ASR system.
  • Support outbound detection feature: U2980 supports signal detection and tone detection feature. Using U2980, system can support predictive outbound feature which will increase agent efficiency.

Powerful Video Ability

  • Support 3G video and Web video. Support AVI and 3GP video file. Support H.263、H.264、and MPEG-4 codec format.
  • Support video IVR. Supports multiple pictures. Support adding text into video. Video IVR script can be customized.
  • Support video conversation with agent. Support holding video conversation, transferring video conversation, 3 party video conversation, etc. This can give customer more comfortable experience.
  • Support video record and video quality control. Supervisor can do many quality control operations, including intrusion, inspection, monitor, and video record replay.

High Reliability Design

  • Core components adopt active-standby or load balance mechanisms to ensure system reliability. System reliability can reach 99.999%.
  • U2980 can detect system fault and isolate them. The fault can not affect other component's normal status.
  • U2980 has local routing function. Once U2980 cannot connect to CTI, U2980 can route new incoming calls to suitable agent based on rules in U2980. Once U2980 resume the connection to CTI system, U2980 can

Multiple Network Connection

  • Support SIP, ISUP, TUP protocol.
  • Support PSTN/PLMN/NGN/WCDMA/CDMA2000/IMS network connection.
  • Support voice connection and video connection simultaneously.

Flexible Network Scheme

Centralized network

All the components are deployed at a central site. The internal network is separated with Internet network. This can ensure the internal network is safe and reliable.

Distributed network

U2980 also can be deployed at branch site. The U2980 at branch site can be used as a local PSTN gateway or a local media resource server.

Item Specifications
One frame capacity Trunk (E1): 960
Agent: 480
IVR: 480
Performance capacity MTBF: 10a(year)
MTTR: 30m(minutes)
Agent Telephone eSpace 7800 series IP Phone
eSpace iAgent Softphone
Huawei IAD 102H, 104H, 132E

-48V DC / 100V-240V AC
Power consumption is 800W


Height is 4U.
Width*Depth*Height =442mm×550mm×175mm

One frame weight 45kg