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Overview of BG Business Standards


Huawei considers industry standardization vital to market access, patent defense, brand image, solution interoperability, R&D efforts, and multilateral cooperation efforts. We are always looking to build a healthy ecosystem, better explore the market with peers, and contribute to domestic and international standard organizations.

Huawei has established group-level organizations specialized in industrial standard R&D, supplemented by units focused on standards in each business group. With a team of over 400 experts, Huawei has been making continual progress in high-level R&D abilities in this area.

Huawei has joined major domestic and international industry standards bodies in enterprise domain, including the ETSI, ONVIF, DMTF, OASIS, CSA, PISA, OVCC and IMTC, occupying some leadership positions including chairman of the ETSI, DMTF, and OASIS.

Standards and Industry Contributions

  • IT Standards

    HUAWEI has actively participated in setiing standards of cloud computing and storage, and joined in more than 20 standar……

  • UC&C Standards

    In fields such as multimedia/image processing basic technology, enterprise interoperability, and industry applications, ……

  • Enterprise Network Standards

    Mainly involved in standard organizations such as IETF, IEEE, INCITS T11,CCSA,and TC260, which covers data center, Ether……

  • Industry Solutions Standards

    HUAWEI Industry Solutions are dedicated to providing more convenient services for industrial applications by using ICT t……