Alliance Constitution - Huawei Partners

1 Mission

The eLTE Solution Alliance is a professional ICT organization formed by Huawei and 29 industry partners to promote the development and commercialization of enterprise LTE (eLTE) solutions. Relying on joint-member innovation and eLTE wireless broadband access and broadband trunking technologies, the Alliance develops intelligent network solutions for governments (including public safety and smart city services), public utilities and transportation, and large enterprises as well as customized solutions for unique industry applications. The group shares a vision of transforming enterprises with more efficient communications and collaboration for greater security, productivity, and economic growth.


2 Objectives

The Alliance promotes eLTE applications in vertical industry solutions, including safe cities, emergency command, intelligent transportation, smart grids, and enterprise informatization, to drive industry development.


Joint solution development

•Pool expertise to provide leading-edge, differentiated solutions co-developed by Alliance members that meet quality requirements and create customer value


Joint solution marketing

•Promote eLTE-based vertical industry solutions through exhibitions, showrooms, booths, and forums


Promote industry standards and development

•Conduct surveys and apply the results to unifying interface development

•Share information and knowledge from eLTE applications in vertical industry solutions

•Become the information and knowledge resource for the application of eLTE in vertical industry solutions


3 Regulations

The eLTE Solution Alliance is an open, volunteer organization. Alliance members favor and promote co-developed solutions, with intellectual property remaining with their respective owners.


4 Activities

Alliance member conference:The Alliance hosts the eLTE Solution Alliance member conference twice a year to stay informed about customer needs, help solve customer problems, share success stories, and showcase the application of eLTE in vertical industry solutions and customer benefits.


Product practices: The Alliance helps vertical industry customers make the transition from narrowband to broadband services for enhanced wireless multimedia experiences.


Support for standardization: Members cooperate with standards organizations such as TCCA and CCSA, conducting surveys, engaging in solution development, and applying innovative ideas that support standardization and promote industry development.


5 Additional Support from Huawei

•Suzhou open laboratory, located in China, supports the Alliance with interoperability testing, integration verification, and exhibition of co-developed solutions

•R&D and verification support

•eSDK development kits

•Platform for showcasing co-developed solutions

•Joint marketing