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  • Excellent Data Center Operations Solution

    Huawei offers a total innovative data center solution to solve various problems with data centers. It can help customers to achieve lean, excellent data center operations.
  • Data Center Room Power Supply Solution

    Huawei's Data Center Room Power Supply Solution can be customized for a specific customer to build a secure, reliable, and energy-efficient power supply system for its data center room so that maintenance and applications can be done in a unified manner.
  • Disaster Recovery Solution

    The solution's system design provides data protection and service continuity for various services, and supports heterogeneous storage, mainstream applications, unified configuration management, remote replication, etc.
  • Equipment Room Precision Cooling Solution

    Huawei's Equipment Room Precision Cooling Solution effectively solves the problem of local overheating in the equipment room and helps achieve air-conditioning efficiency.
  • Tierred Storage Solution

    This solution implements real tierred data storage. By managing the lifecycle of data, it requires less bandwidth for data transfer. It is environmentally friendly, and reduces TCO effectively.
  • Tierred Security Solution for Data Center

    To the many security issues facing data centers, Huawei provides a systematic, tierred security solution. The solution provides protection in various aspects at different layers; it also offers systematic guarantee.
  • T3000 Server

    The T3000 Server in 360-degree demonstration.
  • S12000 Storage Server

    S12000 Storage Server in a 360-degree demonstration.
  • S5000 Storage Server

    The S5000 Storage Server in 360-degree demonstration.
  • S2600

    The S2600 Storage Server in a 360-degree demonstration.
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