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  • Huawei Telepresence eClassroom Solution

    Huawei eClassroom solution enables you to build a modern, interactive teaching environment through the convenient human-computer interaction, multimedia materials presentation, high-definition video and audio interaction, fast course record…

  • Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution

    Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution is a combination of multimedia network technology and traditional medical technology and digital medical technology. Equipped with Huawei self-developed telePresence products, adapt to the needs and…

  • Huawei Telepresence TeleCommand solution

    Huawei Telepresence TeleCommand solution allows you to collaboratively make decisions among dispersed command centers. It takes the integration of videoconferencing system and video surveillance system as the core and provides a visua…

  • Huawei Telepresence Solution

    In international markets, countries focus their internationalization on establishing friendly and trustworthy relations and sustained win-win situation. Trade cooperation under different circumstances and cultural backgrounds will inevitabl…

  • Huawei Telepresence Telecourt Solution

    Court is an ancient and sacred industry, the fairness, security and stateliness are essential. However, the following problems make the trial ineffective and lack of publicity.